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Setting up a FRITZ!Box for telephony

FRITZ!Box (Telephony, setup, FRITZ!OS 7.10 and later)

Instructions for setting up regular as well as encrypted telephony on FRITZ!Box models with firmware version FRITZ!OS 7.10 and higher

Manufacturer: AVM
Designation: FRITZ!Box
Models: 7590, 7560, 7530, 7490, 7460, 7430
Firmware: FRITZ!OS 7.10 and higher
Manufacturer's website:

We recommend to always use the latest firmware. How do I know which firmware version I have?
Instructions for older firmware can be found at the bottom of this article.

Important note: This guide is for phone numbers and virtual DDIs only.

Requirement: Incoming number signaling in international format.

This is the default setting for individual phone numbers. However, if problems with incoming calls occur, please check the settings in the customer portal under "Phone settings" → "Manage numbers".

For more information, see "Form of phone numbers for incoming calls?".


Signing in to the FRITZ!Box

  1. Make sure that the FRITZ!Box is connected to the Internet and to your computer.
  2. Type "" in the address bar of your browser. If you have trouble reaching the site please have a look at these hints on how to access the user interface.
  3. If you have set a password, enter it and then click "Log In“.
  4. These instructions assume that you have set the language to english via System > Region and Language. 

Setting up the phone number

  1. Open the menu Telephony > Phone Numbers, switch to the tab "Phone numbers".
  2. Click on the button "New Telephone Number".
  3. If you are asked whether you want to enter an "Internet Phone Number" or "Landline Phone Number", choose "Internet Phone Number" and then click "Next".
  4. In the next screen, please select the following:
    1. Telephony provider: easybell
    2. Internet Telephone Number: Your telephone number in international format (0049 (already predefined) + area code without zero + phonenumber).
    3. User name:Your telephone number in international format (0049 + area code without zero + phonenumber).
    4. Password:Your SIP-password (You may find it in your Customer Portal under Phone settings / Manage numbers)
    5. Enter your area code: You will only see this option during the initial setup of the FRITZ!Box. Enter your area code with the leading 0 here, e.g. 030 for Berlin.
    6. Click on " Additional Settings"

      Telephony setup in FRITZ!OS 7.1
  5. Please fill in "Additional Settings" as follows:
    1. Always register via an internet connection: Yes
    2. Contact internet telephony provider via: IPv4 and IPv6, IPv6 preferred (You will see this option only if your Internet connection supports IPv6.)
    3. Enable encrypted telephony: If you wish, you can encrypt the telephony here. Read further information in our article on encrypted telephony.
    4. Please click "Next" when you are done

      Additional setup for telephony in FRITZ!OS 7.1
  6. On the following page you can review your settings. Click "Next" to complete the setup.

If everything has been entered correctly and your router is connected to the Internet, you should now be able to make calls. If this is your first set up number, all calls in the future will be made via this number. Please remember to configure your telephones according to your wishes in the menu item Telephony > Telephony Devices.

Setting up/changing the Line Settings

Setting up or changing the line settings is only necessary if you want to change your prefix settings at a later date or if you want to fax with the FRITZ!Box or a connected fax machine.

  1. Click "View: Advanced" in the left menu at the very bottom (located after "Wizards"). If you are in the advanced view, please click:
  2. In the left menu "Telephony" click on "Telephone Numbers".
  3. Switch to the "Line Settings" tab.
  4. Select Germany under "Country".
  5. For "Country code", enter the prefix 00 in the first field and the country code 49 in the second field.
  6. For "Area code" enter the prefix into the first field and the area code into the second field (e.g. for Berlin "0" and "30").
  7. In "Telephony Connection", please unfold "Change connection settings" by clicking on it.
  8. There, uncheck "Fax transmission using T.38".
  9. Afterwards, please click on Apply.

Instructions for older firmwares

Here you can find our instructions in german for devices with older firmware:

Fritz!OS 6.0 and higher  (for Fritz!Box 7270 v3, 7312, 7360,7390 and other models)

Fritz!OS 6.83 and higher (for Fritz!Box 7272, 7360, 7390 and other models)

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