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Teams Connector

Integrate your telephony in Microsoft Teams

From50 cents* per account/month

Automated setup

No knowledge of PowerShell required, convenient configuration in our online portal

One month free trial

Test the Teams Connector 30 days free of charge and without obligation

Location-independent, true telephony

Full-featured telephony with business phone features in any MS Teams client

Exceptionally fair contract terms

No minimum contract term, can be canceled monthly, transparent pricing

Teams Connector - The interface between your SIP Trunk and Microsoft Teams

Would you like to make phone calls via affordable and flexible SIP trunks and at the same time use the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams for your company - all in one application? We have developed a solution for you to connect Microsoft Teams and SIP trunks: the Teams Connector!

  • Receive incoming calls to office numbers in the Teams client
  • Make outgoing calls to worldwide numbers from Teams via easybell or other providers
  • Use the low easybell rates instead of expensive Microsoft call plans
  • Test it for 30 days without obligation and risk-free
  • For everyone who would like to use Unified Communications to its full extent

Favorable price and fair conditions

As with our SIP trunks and our cloud telephone system, we also design the contract terms for the Teams Connector to be absolutely fair and transparent:

  • 5 €/month* for every 10 Microsoft Teams seats - the equivalent of just 50 cents per account per month!
  • No hidden costs
  • No minimum contract period, can be cancelled monthly
  • Can be scaled easily for higher or lower demand

Book the Teams Connector

It's that simple:

As a new customer, you can add the option to connect Microsoft Teams to a telephony rate or the Office Complete Trunk during the ordering process.

Established customers have the option of adding the Teams Connector for Microsoft Teams to an existing SIP trunk in the customer portal.

Microsoft licenses

In order to be able to use Microsoft Teams fully and make phone calls with it, every company needs one or more licenses for Microsoft 365 or Office 365. Usually the additional, chargeable add-on Microsoft Teams Phone is also required for the use of Direct Routing. This add-on replaces its two predecessors, Phone System and Business Voice, as of February 2022.

Here you can see the most common license combinations. In our help center you can find more information about Microsoft's licenses.

Basis Version additional Add-on
Microsoft 365 Business Basic / Standard / Premium Teams Phone
Microsoft 365 F1 / F3 Teams Phone
Office 365 F3 Teams Phone
Microsoft 365 / Office 365 E1 / E3 Teams Phone
Microsoft 365 / Office 365 E5 Teams Phone incl.

Easy configuration in the customer portal

To successfully set up the Teams Connector, you need an active SIP trunk, suitable Microsoft licenses, and an account with admin rights. Once these requirements have been met, there is nothing standing in the way of the initial setup:

  • Simply enter your Microsoft Teams account login details in the easybell customer portal.
  • You can then assign a SIP Trunk phone number to each user account of the Teams instance.
  • And just like that, incoming and outgoing telephony from Microsoft Teams with easybell phone numbers is possible!
  • See detailed step-by-step instructions here

Why Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a software for effective communication and teamwork. Users can chat, make audio and video calls, hold meetings, collaborate on files, and much more. Teams is part of Microsoft Office 365 and can integrate with other Office services. It is the fastest-growing business application in the company's history, according to Microsoft.

Optional hardware: Modern IP phone and FRITZ!Box top router

The Snom IP phone D785 is regarded as a guarantee for calling in top HD quality. Not only do the business phone look good, it also have a whole host of other technical refinements in store!

  • High-resolution 4.3" TFT display
  • Second monochrome display for self-labelling function keys
  • Bluetooth, USB connection for WLAN stick, two displays, designed in Germany
  • 6 function keys

You can use your own router or get a new FRITZ!Box 7590 AX.
Our special offer: Get the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX for only 169 € plus VAT, only while stocks last!

  • all login information included
  • Pre-configured and free of forwarding costs
Snom IP phone139 € one-off (optional power supply unit for 11 € one-off)
FRITZ!Box 7590 AXspecial offer: 169 € one-off (only while stocks last) or 3.95 €/month to rent

*All prices subject to statutory VAT

Blocks of telephone numbers of 10, 100 or 1000 without monthly additional costs

With a block of telephone numbers, you get phone numbers for all employees, which easily can be kept in mind. Furthermore, you can use all functions of an easybell SIP trunk.

  • New blocks of 10, 100 phone numbers can be ordered for 16.80€ one-off
  • Blocks of 1000 numbers for 99€ with limited availability
  • Free porting of telephone numbers or blocks of telephone numbers
  • Use more than one block of phone numbers in a telephone system

Reliable, top-quality phone system based in Germany

With easybell SIP trunking, your encrypted calls will be able to get a better quality than ISDN calls. All servers are hosted in German data centers.

  • TLS, ZRTP and SRTP encryption
  • High call quality in HD or ISDN quality
  • Failover (=an automatic switch to a secondary system on failure of the primary system) for each extension via virtual DDIs

Teams Connector:

Cloud software for connecting Microsoft Teams to SIP trunks, free for 30 days, then 5 euros/month per 10 Microsoft Teams users when using easybell SIP trunks. When using other trunk providers, 5 euros/month per 5 Microsoft Teams users. Compatibility with SIP trunks not explicitly supported is not guaranteed. Cannot be combined with the easybell Cloud Telefonanlage. Requires a Microsoft Teams license that includes Direct Routing. Offer can be cancelled 7 days before the end of the month.

Applies to all business rates:

SIP Trunk at 0 ct/min to other easybell customers; 1 phone number/call number block included; existing broadband access and VoIP-capable terminal or IP-PBX are required; No minimum contract term; Call number block optional for 16.80 euros one-time; Cancellable 7 days to the end of the month; Billing of voice calls in per-minute increments (60/60); all prices can be found in our telephone price list for business customers.

The following applies to the individual rates

Business basic: no basic fee in the first year, then 1.67 euros/month; no provisioning fee; trunk with 2 voice channels and 2 virtual extensions included; new 10-number block optional for a one-time charge of 16.80 euros; 0.83 ct/min to the German fixed network; 8.2 ct/min to German mobile networks.

Business easy: EUR 4.19/month; no provisioning fee, trunk with 10 voice channels, 1 phone number(s) block and 10 virtual extensions; new 10- or 100-phone number block optional for EUR 16.80 one-time charge; 0.83 ct/min to German fixed networks; 8.2 ct/min to German mobile networks.

Business plus: EUR 16.80/month; no provisioning fee; trunk with 30 voice channels; 100 virtual extensions; new block of 10 or 100 numbers optional for EUR 16.80 one-time charge; block of 1,000 numbers on request for EUR 99 one-time charge but not available in all local networks; 0.83 ct/min to German fixed networks; 8.2 ct/min to German mobile networks. All Fair Flats are billed on a per-minute basis once the inclusive minutes have been used.

The following applies to the optional Fair Flats:

FairFlat S (optional with Business basic, easy and plus): 9 euros/month with 1,000 minutes to the German fixed network and 200 minutes to German mobile networks included.

FairFlat M (optional with Business basic, easy and plus): 29 euros/month with 2,500 minutes to a German fixed network and 500 minutes to a German mobile network included.

FairFlat L (optional with Business easy and plus): 59 euros/month with 5,000 minutes to the German fixed network and 2,000 minutes to German mobile included. 20 additional voice channels included.

Fair Flat XL (optional with Business easy and plus): 99 euros/month with 7,500 minutes to the German fixed network and 3,500 minutes to German mobile included. 20 additional voice channels included. The following applies to the optional Business Fair Flats international : Fair Flat S international: 14 euros/month with 1,000 minutes to the fixed network of agreed countries and 200 minutes to German mobile communications included.

FairFlat M international: 39 euros/month with 2500 minutes to the fixed network of agreed countries and 500 minutes to German mobile phones included.

Fair Flat L international: 79 euros/month with 5000 minutes to the fixed network of agreed countries and 2000 minutes to German mobile phones included. 20 additional voice channels included.

FairFlat XL international: 129 euros/month with 7500 minutes to the fixed network of agreed countries and 3500 minutes to German mobile included. 20 additional voice channels included.

The following applies to the Business Volume rates:

Volume 100: 250€ minimum turnover; trunking with 100 lines, 100 cloud accounts; 0.72c/min to German landlines; 4.5c/min to German mobile networks; optional: billing increments 1/1 for 50€ per month.

Volume 200: 500€ minimum turnover; trunking with 200 lines, 100 cloud accounts; 0.66c/min to German landlines; 3.6c/min to German mobile networks; optional: billing increments 1/1 for 100€ per month.

Volume 1000: 1000€ minimum turnover; trunking with 1000 lines, 100 cloud accounts; 0.54c/min to German landlines; 3c/min to German mobile networks; billing increments 1/1 included.

Calculation examples with x percent savings when minimum call volume is reached and only calls to German mobile networks compared with SIP Trunk rates without minimum call volume or Fair Flat.

Note: The per-second rate only applies to the German fixed network and German mobile networks. Optional 24h premium service hotline for €2.50/month surcharge

The following payment methods apply to tariffs for companies: Convenient payment by direct debit or by bank transfer after invoicing.


We tell you the licenses you need for Microsoft Teams to connect your own SIP Trunk with the Teams Connector.

The Microsoft Office suite in general and the Teams software are not rigid products. Rather, they are always a combination of different licenses that determine the actual range of features.

For example, if you want to use Microsoft Teams not only for internal company communication and cooperation, but also to make phone calls over the local network (PSTN), you usually need the additional paid add-on "Teams Phone", which must be booked separately for each seat that is to be able to make phone calls later.

With the following license combinations, you can extend your Microsoft Teams with telephone functions and thus obtain a real solution for Unified Communications (UC).

detailed view

We explain why a combination of Cloud Telefonanlage and the Teams Connector is not possible, yet.

You can switch the mode of your SIP trunks in the customer portal under "Phone settings" > "Manage numbers". One of the modes available is "PBX" for the easybell Cloud Telefonanlage. If, on the other hand, you want to connect your SIP trunk to another PBX or to Microsoft Teams via the Teams Connector, you must use the "Trunk" mode. Therefore, parallel operation of the Cloud Telefonanlage and the Teams Connector is not possible at this time.

However, we are working to make both systems compatible with each other so that you can use Microsoft Teams as a device for the Cloud Telefonanlage.

As soon as this is possible, we will provide instructions in our help section as well as in our newsletter.

detailed view