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Trustpilot is a rating community where you as a consumer can share the experiences youʼve made with several companies. This consumers can make informed purchasing decisions and companies are able to build up a trusted relationship to their customers. So if you are happy with easybell, please let us know. If you have had any negative experiences, you can contact our support team at any time.

We highly recommend Trustpilot for comparing providers or products. We dared to compare with some competitors in the field of "SIP trunk" - a great result!


Google is by far the largest search engine in the world: If you don't know or can't evaluate something, you search for it on Google. Google ratings are an important indicator of user satisfaction. Companies that fail in terms of service or reliability are quickly penalized.

All the more reason for us to be pleased about the many great reviews and an average of 4.2 stars from over 400 reviews.

Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves

Very clear website, no-nonse, clear and easy dialogues to create an account, everything just works. All as it should be (in contrast with most other companies). No strings attached at easybell. And the really great bit is the flatrate to mobiles!

Mike Rose
Mike Rose

The best Internet Service provider I have used in Germany. Their service "just works". The customer service is superb: responsive, professional, solution orientated and in English and German. No contracts, no hidden charges. The Internet service has been extremely reliable. I managed to get out of my previous 2 year contract because the service was so bad, and I am really happy with Easybell. is a German website for a provider-independent speed measurement of internet connections. Useful applications like the DSL speedtest or the Ping test make this homepage an optional complement to the editorial (test-) competence of the German

Full bandwidth. Super service.

"fjackele" on 04/15/2023

"Not only have I got a 100/40 contract but also full bandwidth. Easybell support also does a great job."

Very satisfied customer!

"brudertuck" on 04.05.2021

"The connection is fast, good customer service, always friendly hotline with best accessibility."

Easy perfect

"fjackele" on 08/24/2020

"Stable performance and availability at a good price - what more could you want? Many of my neighbors use easybell and are all satisfied. Keep up the good work."

Zero problems

"AnBo" on 1.4.2022

"I switched to Easybell after an odyssey with Vodafone (CableMax...don't make me laugh) and their subterranean customer service. I can only say: Great! From the registration process until today no problems, a competent and fast hotline and stable Internet. In two months not any failure....not even in the evening hours, as was the case with VF..."

Super fair provider

"bildEasybell" on 18.05.2021

"I originally chose Easybell because of the cancellation period of only 1 month. I have never used this advantage. I've been with them for 10 years now.

The connection is as fast as the rotten infrastructure in this country can provide. In return, Easybell scores with super service and no superfluous bells and whistles."

No frills. Easybell delivers! Cheap and very good!

"PeterRies" on 12/10/2019

"I've been with easyell for a good 10 years now. You always get the maximum of what the line offers.

[...] The support, if you should ever need it, is quickly reached and has always been competent. Within a few hours an email answer / solution and by phone never(!) longer than a few minutes on hold. At price / performance one of the cheapest. [...]

My full recommendation!"

Press comments

For years, easybell has received excellent marks from online editors.

Read how easybell compares to the competition and what online professionals say about us.

Experience with Easybell: This is how users rate the provider on 5.3.2021

"Easybell's customer service in particular stands out positively and convinces many users. The quality of the products and the stability of the network, too, seem to inspire many customers."

easybell DSL - Internet, rates, experience on 08/25/2019

"The provider not only scores regularly in the COMPUTER BILD DSL survey in terms of customer satisfaction, relegating 1&1, Vodafone & Co. to the back of the pack. Another plus point and a reason for the good score: easybell has a clear rate structure, offers DSL rates without a term and even without a Schufa check."

Tariff check 2020: DSL and cable tariffs in comparison

PC Magazine on 20.2.2020

"Customers usually have to commit to a term of 24 months by contract. Only with Easybell are customers flexible: There is no minimum contract term."

Internet provider: Test of tariffs, offer and service

German Association for Consumer Studies mbH on October 11, 2013

"Easybell test winner of the overall study, followed by Kabel Deutschland and 1&1.

The provider easybell fulfilled the set criteria best overall and was the test winner, followed by Kabel Deutschland and 1&1. Easybell as the overall winner scored mainly with good rates and very good customer service."

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