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The fax flat rate

No basic feefor 12 months*
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Send faxes to German landlines for free

Conveniently send faxes from the customer portal

Test the plan one year for a special price

Pay just 3.96€ for the first year and enjoy the comfortable features

Receive multi-page faxes via email

Receive faxes via email as easy as possible

Local telephone number included

Personal local telephone number for your area code

Receiving faxes via email, local phone number included

With Fax2Mail you receive your incoming faxes as a PDF attachment to your email. You don't need a "real" fax mashine anymore but you are still available via fax.

  • Fax pages with time stamp and sender identification, can be easily archived and replicated
  • Sender receives a transmission confirmation.
  • You get a local phone number for your area code.


Send faxes to German landlines for free

With Web2Fax you can conveniently send faxes from our customer service portal. You can either upload PDF files or write your texts with the built-in editor.

  • Fax flat rate for German landlines included
  • Configurable fax identification
  • Includes binding transmission confirmation

Special price for one year

In the entire first year you have no basic fee and a setup fee of just 3.96€ once for as many faxes as you like to send within the German landline. Afterwards you still pay just 9.96€/year.

  • No basic fee for one year and only 3.96€ one off setup fee
  • No minimum contract period, can be terminated monthly
  • Billing at start of respective billing period


Setup fee3.96€
Monthly charge for the first yearnone*
From the second year9.96€/year
Minimum contract periodnone*
Notice periodone month
All prices at a glance 

Faxflatrate - send faxes free of charge online to German landlines for a one-time setup fee of €3.96. No additional basic fee for the first 12 months and €9.96/year thereafter; no minimum contract period, can be canceled monthly, personal local number for free fax reception and forwarding to your e-mail address included; faxes to destinations other than German landlines are billed according to our price list. With home tariffs, you pay conveniently and securely by direct debit. Commercial use is prohibited.


We explain whether you can also use a consumer product for commercial purposes and provide you with alternatives.

No, this product is not intended for business use.

Please take a look at our SIP trunks and complete connections for business customers. This way you get professional features for everyday work like number blocks without monthly costs, online fax connection included and an optional premium service.

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We show how to receive faxes online.

With Fax Online and Fax2Mail you automatically receive faxes as an attachment to your email address. You can change the address in the customer portal via phone functions > settings.

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