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Voice over IP made simple

Flexible phone connection with fair conditions

Full value telephone connection

Make calls with your phone and real local number as you are used to.
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Ideal for nomadic mobile use cases

Usable from any broadband connection worldwide
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Advanced telephone features

Parallel call, call forwarding, voicemail and much more.
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Security thanks to fraud protection

We guarantee a limited financial risk in case of fraud.
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  IP phone calls with no base fee 500 Minutes and cost airbag The affordable landline flat rate The flat rate for global citizens
  Call basic Call easy Call flat Call flat international
Two parallel calls yes yes yes yes
No minimum contract period yes yes yes yes
Local phone number optional yes yes yes
No activation fee starter package yes yes yes
Landline flat Germany 500 min/monthly yes yes
International landline flat* yes
  Starting at #price_start# 0,00 #price_end# per month#star# Only #price_start# 2,99 #price_end# per month#star# Only #price_start# 4,99 #price_end# per month#star# Only #price_start# 8,49 #price_end# per month#star#

The modern way to fax

Fax Online

Fax flat rate to German landlines

Sent via web interface

Delivered as PDF

Local phone number included

now just
for 12 months*
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All prices include statutory VAT.

Information applicable to all IP phone lines:

0c/min to other easybell customers; 9.8c/min to German mobile networks; existing broadband access and VoIP-enabled end devices are required; no contract term; can be cancelled seven days before the end of the month; to-the-minute charge in an increment of 60/60; all prices can be found in our calls price list.

The following specific information applies to the individual plans:

Call basic: 0.98c/min to German landlines; starter package for only 9.95€ including activation, 10€ of credit (valid 1 year) and optional local telephone for 0€ in the first year, 9,48 €/year afterwards.

Call easy: Use-based basic fee; 2.99€ for up to 500 min/month to German landlines and 5.98€ for over 500 minutes; local telephone number included.

Call flat: Local telephone number und landline flat rate for German landlines included; 4.99€/month.

Call flat international: Local telephone number and landline flat rate for over 40 countries included; 8.49€/month.

Fax Online:

Send and receive faxes online for 12 months for 3.96€ for the first year and 9.96€/year from the second year; annual billing; send faxes from the easybell customer portal, flat rate for German landlines; see our price list for special phone numbers and international dispatch; incoming faxes will be forwarded as an attachment to your email address; personal local telephone number included; annual billing; minimum period of 12 months with extension to another 12 months if not cancelled two months before the expiration date. Commercial use is not permitted.