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easy. fair. connected.

internet and phone flat rates.

Internet & Telefon

Internet & Phone

DSL all-in-one connections

  • with up to 250 Mbps
  • real internet flat rate
  • plus bandwidth guarantee
  • no minimum contract period

ALL Tariffs



VoIP connections

  • with real local phone number
  • usable worldwide
  • numerous phone functions
  • no minimum contract period

All tariffs

DSL plans can only be ordered if available. The maximum speed depends on the selected plan and the local conditions at the customer's location.

No minimum contract term: Always terminable at the end of the month, the notice period for DSL connections is 14 days, for pure telephone connections 7 days.

Call by Call and Preselection are not possible with easybell.

All prices of the private customer products are quoted including the legal sales tax.

Prices for individual offers can be found on the product pages and in our telephone price list.

Why easybell?

Bandwidth guarantee

We estimate and guarantee your available bandwidth

more details

Affordable prices

Excellent value for money, easy to understand plans and top-quality service

Fair contract terms

You can terminate your contract any time and are not bound for a long time

Multiple phone functions

IP phone system with a large range of functions

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