1. Access the customer portal

Log in to your easybell customer portal and go to "Manage numbers" in the "Phone settings". You will then see an overview of your easybell phone numbers.

Please make sure that the phone number to which you want to create virtual extensions is operated as a "Trunk". If not, you can switch this mode by clicking on
the blue button.

2. Manage numbers

If this has not already been done, please unfold the settings of the phone number.

Then click on the symbol with the cogwheel for "Virtual DDIs".

3. Create virtual DDIs

In the field behind your phone number, enter the last digit(s) under which your extension should be reachable. Then click on the plus sign. Repeat this procedure until you have created all virtual DDIs.

To delete a virtual DDI, click on the symbol with the bin behind the corresponding phone number.

Finally, click on the "Apply" button to save your changes.

4. Check status

In the settings of the parent trunk, the changes should now be visible under "Virtual DDIs".

In addition, the extension number is listed as an independent SIP account under "Manage numbers". Via this entry you can configure the virtual DDI and view its SIP access data.

Important notice

Reachability when using virtual DDIs

If you use virtual DDIs and the corresponding trunk in a telephone system at the same time, the following information is important for you:

If, for example, you create a virtual extension "phone number-1", all longer extensions from "phone number-10*" to "phone number-19*" will not arrive at the trunk registered in the telephone system.

This is because the extensions 10* to 19* are always delivered to the virtual DDI "1". However, this is not capable of direct dialling (does not support SIP-DDI).

So even if you enter the virtual DDI in the telephone system, you cannot differentiate the further extensions. All subordinate extensions are always forwarded to the extensions assigned to the virtual extension.

Solution: When creating virtual extensions, be aware that the subordinate extensions can no longer be delivered to your telephone system via the main trunk and can no longer be separated from the extension of the virtual extension.

Therefore, if in doubt, only use virtual DDIs for the longest extension variant of your numbering scheme.