Of course, Cloud Telefonanlage devices can also be connected to Microsoft Teams using the Teams Connector.

The assigned Microsoft Teams user then receives calls to all extensions assigned to this device account and can also make outgoing calls via the easybell Cloud Telefonanlage at our favorable conditions.

The same requirements apply as for the connection of easybell SIP trunks. In addition, you must of course have booked an easybell Cloud Telefonanlage. For more information, see "Prerequisites for using the Teams Connector".

1. Prepare the Cloud Telefonanlage

First, please make sure that the telephony in the Cloud Telefonanlage is prepared for the connection to Microsoft Teams. To do this, open the Cloud Telefonanlage (Phone settingsCloud Telefonanlage).

1.1 Create extensions

If you have not already done so, first set up the extensions and call groups of your Cloud Telefonanlage.

You can find out more about this here: Creating extensions or call groups in the Cloud Telefonanlage

Wichtiger Hinweis zu Kurzwahlen:

Wir empfehlen dringend, mindestens dreistellige Kurzwahlen zu vergeben, da Microsoft Teams den zweistelligen Bereich für sich belegt. Ein- oder zweistellige Kurzwahlen sind über Teams später nur erreichbar, wenn „+49“ vorgewählt wird.

1.2 Set up terminal account

In order to connect these extensions to one or more Teams users, end device accounts must now be created in the corresponding number.

To do this, click on "Add" in the "Devices" area and then select "Microsoft Teams" as the device type.

1.3 Configuring incoming and outgoing telephony

Outbound will later transmit the phone number that was set in the endpoint account under "Outbound telephony".

Inbound, Microsoft Teams responds to all extensions to which you assign the endpoint account.

It is also possible for an extension to use a Microsoft Teams device at the same time as an IP phone, softphone and the easybell VoIP to go app.

2. connect Cloud Telefonanlage via Teams Connector

The remaining steps are performed in the Teams Connector interface( Phone settings → Teams Connector).

If you have not already booked the Teams Connector, you will be guided briefly through the order process at the beginning.

2.1 Add Cloud Telefonanlage

On the overview page of the Teams Connector, only easybell SIP trunks are displayed at first.

Please click on "Add Cloud Telefonanlage ". The Cloud Telefonanlage is then displayed at the top of the list of trunks.

2.2 Request rights

Now please click on the field "Log in with Microsoft Account" and then enter your access data from Microsoft.

Next, the Teams Connector needs access rights to Microsoft Teams. This is done by clicking on "Request rights for the Teams Connector".

After that, please unfold the trunk and click on "Connect this trunk to MS Teams".

2.3 Wait for automatic setup

Now the automatic setup starts. You can check the progress to the right of the phone number.

As soon as all steps have been completed, the SIP Trunk and Microsoft Teams are connected. In addition, once the connection is complete, a status report is sent to the administrator's email address.

2.4 Manage users

Now please go to "Manage MS Teams Users". Then click on the gear icon behind the Microsoft user to which you want to assign a Cloud Telefonanlage device.

A pop-up will open. Via a drop-down menu you can choose from the previously created end device accounts (step 1.2.).

Click on "Save" to assign the selected device.

Attention. Note on changes to the assigned devices:

If you adjust the assignment of the devices at a later time, it can take up to 30 minutes until the changes also take effect at Microsoft.

2.5 Close setup

This completes the basic setup.

According to Microsoft, it can take up to 24 hours in individual cases until the phone numbers can be used in Teams - but usually it is much faster!

If you want to check the progress in a timely manner, the following article can help you: "Checking the connection of Team Connector and Microsoft Teams".

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