However, the services provided can of course only be used on connected devices. In most cases, the router is set up via a web interface that you have to call up in the Internet browser of a connected device.

You can connect to your router both with a network cable (LAN), and on virtually all modern devices wirelessly (WLAN).

Provided that factory settings have not been changed, you will usually find all relevant login-information in the enclosed documentation or on the device itself. In the case of a FRITZ!Box, for example, there is a label on the bottom.

Wireless connection via WiFi

Smartphones, tablets and many modern laptops do not have a port for a network cable. Therefore, it is likely that you will connect via WLAN.

  1. First, please open the network settings of your device and search for the router's WiFi. If you have obtained a FRITZ!Box via easybell, the name will start with "easybell DSL" when delivered.
  2. Select the corresponding wireless network and connect to it.
  3. Now you will probably be asked for a network access password. If this network key has not been changed, you will find it in the documentation or on the device itself. In the case of a FRITZ!Box, for example, it can be found on the bottom of the device.
    Note: We recommend that you change the network key of the router.
  4. After entering the network key, your device should successfully connect to the router's wireless network.

Troubleshooting: Wireless network can not be found

If the router's wireless network is not detectable, the following steps may help you troubleshoot.

  • Please check if Wi-Fi is activated on your device as well as on the router. In the case of a FRITZ!Box, the "WLAN" LED will then be permanently lit.
  • The shorter the distance to the router, the more likely the network will be found.
  • In exceptional cases, the search process can take more than a minute or must be repeated.
  • Can you clearly identify the wireless network? It may be that the network name has been changed. Pay attention to which network disappears when you disconnect your router from the power supply. 

If you do not succeed in establishing a connection via WLAN, you should try it with a network cable (if you have appropriate devices). If this doesn't work either, you should consult the router's manual or manufacturer.

Connection with a network cable

If your computer or laptop has a port for a network cable, you can connect using such a cable (RJ45). In this case, it is enough to connect your device and the router with the LAN cable.