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FRITZ!Box (ADSL- and VDSL-configuration with FRITZ!OS 6.50 and higher)

How to setup your FRITZ!Box with an easybell ADSL- or VDSL-connection

Producer: AVM
Name: FRITZ!Box
Router: 7360, 7390, 7420, 7490, 7530, 7590
Firmware: FRITZ!OS 6.50 and higher

This guide is suitable for the use of FRITZ!OS 6.50 and later.

How do I know which firmware I’ve got?

A Guide for FRITZ!OS 5.22 to FRITZ!OS 6.30 can be found here.

Connecting the box

  • Please connect the FRITZ!Box with the phone socket via the included connecting cable.
    Now connect the cable to the DSL/TEL port on the router.
  • Connect your computer via an Ethernet cable or via a wireless network to the FRITZ!Box.
  • Now please put the other end of the Ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports on the back of the router.
  • You can find the password for wireless network on the bottom side of your FRITZ!Box.

Sign in your FRITZ!Box

  • Enter “” into the adressbar of your browser.
  • If you are dialing in your FRITZ!Box for the first time, you will be asked to create a password. We recommend you to choose a secure one and not to forget it. You can also remove the checkmark at “FRITZ!Box Kennwort jetzt setzen (empfohlen)” (Set FRITZ!Box password now (recommended).
  • Please click “Anmelden” (Sign in).

Configure your internet connection

This setup is for all easybell ADSL und VDSL connections.

  • Please click “Internet” on the menue desk on the left.
    Now click “Zugangsdaten” (“Login information”).
  • Please enter the following information:
  • Internetanbieter (Provider): Choose “Weitere Internetanbieter” (“More providers”) at first and “easybell”. below
  • User name: Enter your easybell username you have received via email. You can also find it in our customer service portal, “Meine Daten” (my data) / “Mein Produkt” / (my product).
    The DSL username has two parts: The user identification number (e.g. 123456-7) und the realm (e.g.
    In some cases the realm in the customer portal can be wrong, for instance if there was a change in access technology.
    For all ADSL connections you can use the realm and for all VDSL connections you can use
  • Password: Please enter the DSL password. You can find it in the same email or in our customer service portal.

Zugangsdaten Inet Fritzos65

  • Click “Übernehmen” (“Takeover”).
    If you do this settings even if easybell DSL is not activated at your place yet, please remove the checkmark at “Internetzugang nach dem „Übernehmen“ prüfen”. (Checking internet access before “Takeover”)
  • The Internet connection is checked (if necessary), the setup has been completed.