Producer: AVM
Name: FRITZ!Box
Router: 7360, 7390, 7420, 7490, 7530, 7590
Firmware: FRITZ!OS 6.50 and higher

This guide is suitable for the use of FRITZ!OS 6.50 and later.

How do I know which firmware I’ve got?

A Guide for FRITZ!OS 5.22 to FRITZ!OS 6.30 can be found here.

Connecting the box

  • Please connect the FRITZ!Box with the phone socket via the included connecting cable.
    Now connect the cable to the DSL/TEL port on the router.
  • Connect your computer via an Ethernet cable or via a wireless network to the FRITZ!Box.
  • Now please put the other end of the Ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports on the back of the router.
  • You can find the password for wireless network on the bottom side of your FRITZ!Box.

Sign in your FRITZ!Box

  • Enter “” into the address bar of your browser.
  • If you are dialing in your FRITZ!Box for the first time, you will be asked to create a password. We recommend you to choose a secure one and not to forget it. You can also remove the checkmark at “FRITZ!Box Kennwort jetzt setzen (empfohlen)” (Set FRITZ!Box password now (recommended).
  • Please click “Anmelden” (Sign in).

Configure your internet connection

This setup is for all easybell ADSL und VDSL connections.

  • Please click “Internet” on the menu desk on the left.
    Now click “Zugangsdaten” (“Login information”).
  • Please enter the following information:
  • Internetanbieter (Provider): Choose “Weitere Internetanbieter” (“More providers”) at first and “easybell”. below
  • User name: Enter your easybell username you have received via email. You can also find it in our customer service portal, “Meine Daten” (my data) / “Mein Produkt” / (my product).
    The DSL username has two parts: The user identification number (e.g. 123456-7) and the realm (e.g.
    In some cases the realm in the customer portal can be wrong, for instance if there has been a change in access technology.
    For all ADSL connections you can use the realm and for all VDSL connections you can use
  • Password: Please enter the DSL password. You can find it in the same email or in our customer service portal.

  • Click “Übernehmen” (“Takeover”).
    If a DSL connection is not already activated please deselect “Internetzugang nach dem „Übernehmen“ prüfen”. (Checking internet access before “Takeover”) before continuing.
  • The Internet connection is checked (if necessary), the setup has been completed.