Normally, the App works perfectly fine without having to change the settings. Please check beforehand, whether changes are really necessary, since the App's capabilities can be restricted heavily from the settings.

Notice: The following guide has been created with iOS 14 and App version 2.1.21. It is possible that your experience with Android or another App version may vary. One example is the order of the menu.

Account Setup

Account setup

Enter your username and password to sign in with a different account.

Call Waiting

When activated, your phone will ring even though you are in a call already. Deactivate Call Waiting to have the caller receive a "busy"-signal.


Clicking on "Support" will redirect you to our Customer Service.

Incoming Calls


With this option selected you will receive calls even when the App is not opened in the foreground. This also applies to when your display is turned off.


With this option selected you will only be able to make calls, but not receive calls.



Ringtones: Change Ringtone

Here you can choose an alternative ringtone.


Audio settings

Echo Suppression

Activate Echo Suppression to minimize echo. We recommend this configuration.

Speaker phone Echo Suppression

Activate Speaker phone Echo Suppression to minimize echo when using the built in speaker. We recommend this configuration. 

Handset Echo Suppression

Activate Handset Echo Suppresion to minimize echo when using the built in earpiece. We recommend this configuration.

Noise Suppression

Activate Noise Suppression to minimize background noise.

Volume Settings

  • Microphone Volume Boost: Pre-amplifies the microphone signal. Set this higher if you sound too quiet to the other party.
  • Playback Volume Boost: Increase this value if you have trouble hearing the other party.
  • Keypad Volume: Change this value to de- or increase the keypad's volume when pressing keys.

Automatic Speaker Mode

With automatic speaker mode activated, your phone's loudspeaker will automatically turn on when removing your phone from your ear. This requires a built in distance measuring sensor in your phone which may not be availabe on all devices.

Support Bluetooth (missing on Android)

Turns on bluetooth headset support. Deactivate this feature when you do not use a bluetooth headsets or when you have issues with switching audio outputs. We recommend this configuration.


Call Recording

Record All Calls

When twitched on, all calls will be recorded automatically. 


Activate this option, when you want a separate audio channel for each call member to be created in the WAV-file. Deactivate this to save storage space.

Output File Format 

You can choose between three formats:

Sie haben hier die Auswahl aus drei Formaten:
8 kHz (Wav nano-law), 16 kHz (WAV PMC16) und 48 kHz (Ogg Opus). Depending on your choice storage usage will increase.

Delete After

Duration, after which a conversation should be deleted automatically.

Warning Beep

A tone coming up every 15 seconds to inform the other party that the call is being recorded. When deactivating you are prompted to agree to a Disclaimer of liability.

Email Address

Here you can enter an Email Address, to which the recorded call should be sent to as WAV-file.

Upload URL

URL for uploading the recorded WAV-files. For that, the App will do PUT requests with the recordings in the body.

Call Forwarding

For a correct setup of the automatic call forwarding please use our customer portal or our OfficeDesk. There you can setup forwarding for your phone number(s).

Forward Button

With this you can decide spontaneous when receiving a call, if and to which phone number you want it to be forward to.

Number Rewriting

Number rewriting has impact on all entered phone numbers!

Usage on your own risk.


You can create rules based on characteristics of the entered phone number, i.e. "Starts With" or "Length equals". Based on the entered conditions you can setup actions like "Prepend" or "Record Call".


Allowed and Disallowed SSIDs

You can limit the App, to only use Wifi networks from the Allowed list. This has no effect on your cellular connection.

For iPhones with iOS 13 or higher it is necessary to grant the App access to location services to correctly determine your current Wifi connection.

Network Priorities for RTP

"Prefer Mobile Data" sends the RTP audiofiles over your cellular connection, even when Wifi is available. This enables a stable phone connection when having a weak Wifi signal. Please note that all data will be going over your cellular contract.

Network Change Strategy

In case of a possible network change during a call you need to set whether the new or the existing connection should be used. The default is set to "If Needed", only changing networks when really necessary - .i.e. when you were using cellular data in the beginning of a call but a Wifi signal comes up later in the call. The third option always changes to the new signal.


Should you be using an Android device, you will also find the following settings:

Keep cellular network active

When activated, cellular data will still be used even if your phone is connected to Wifi. This can be handy in cases of unstable Wifi connections.

Prevent Wi-Fi from sleeping

Wifi will be active as long as it is connected to an Access Point and incoming calls keep the device awake.

Use legacy RTP layer

Activated usage of the RTP layer. Although still supported, this technique is outdated.


Headset Buttons

Activates remote control support. Turning it on disables resuming music after a call. This does not work for media library ringtones. One click accepts the incoming call or puts an active call on hold, double-click rejects the call or hangs up. 

Show Globe Button

Globe button


Activate to show the Globe button when tapping "+". When clicked, the button shows the country prefix picker. 

On GSM Call

For incoming GSM calls during a landline phone call. You can choose between "Cancel call", "Hold call" (default), and "Play message, hold call".

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Here you can setup DnD rules if you do not wish to receive incoming calls during a set time period.

Contact Sort Order

You can choose between three sorting styles:

  • Native Order (only on iOS): This uses the sorting style you use on your phone's address book.
  • by First Name: Sorts your contacts alphabetically by first name.
  • by Last Name: Sorts your contacts alphabetically by last name.

Log SIP Traffic


Logging your SIP Traffic makes sense when you notice an error with the App's connection. It can be useful to have a SIP Log ready when contacting our customer support. When activated, you will find the log under the category "SIP Log" in the settings.


Here you can choose any of the offered languages. The default is the language you have set on your phone.

For changes to take effect you need to restart the App.

SSL Exceptions

Exceptions for SSL certificates can be added here, when they have been added during a failed certificate verification. This can happen when the certificate is expired or when the proxy is using a self signed certificate.


Here you find information about the version and build number of the App, as well as device identification info.


In this section information about your App usage can be found. Usage is measured in form of talk time (current and last month, as well as total) and amount of talks (current and last month, as well as total). Clicking "Reset" resets the usage data.

Reset Application

This is relevant when you want to delete the App. When deleting the App without resetting it first, there might be problems with signing in again with the same phone number on a different device.


You can reprovision the App with clicking "Reprovision". This starts a new automatic setup process with the same account. Reprovisioning can be useful when running into account-specific errors, i.e. when your push notifications do not work as expected.