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What is the OfficeDesk access?

We’d like to explain our OfficeDesks in the following article.

An OfficeDesk gives your employees access to the customer portal limited rights. The OfficeDesk can be accessed via our Homepage or within our App and WebRTC client (Chrome browser only)

There are two kind of OfficeDesks:

For SIP-Accounts and SIP Trunks

Every employee can log in with the phone number and the SIP password of an SIP- or Cloud-Accont. Now the system allows him to use limited features by entering his or her login information.

After the setup, your employees can send faxes online or configure the caller display identification (CLIP), call forwarding or voice mail.

The access is limited to the SIP or Cloud Account. Users can not access personal information or bills.

For Cloud Telefonanlage (PBX)

Administrators can create OfficeDesk accounts for employees. The administrator can restrict the rights of the access:

  • Which extensions and devices can be controlled
  • Is the user allowed to send FAX & SMS

The user will be informed in an initial email and can activate his account.

The access is limited to the Cloud Telefonanlage. Users can not access the SIP-accounts, personal information or bills.