Manufacturer: AVM
Designation: FRITZ!Box 7590, 7560, 7530, 7490, 7460, 7430, 7390 etc.
Firmware: FRITZ!OS 6.24 and higher
Website of the manufacturer:AVM

In this manual we use a FRITZ!Box 7590 with FRITZ!OS 7.28. The display under FRITZ!OS 6 may differ, but the content is identical.

We recommend that you always use the latest firmware.

Please take note that you may change the language of your FRITZ!Box.

Configuring FRITZ!Box as an IP Client

For further configuration, your PC or laptop must be or remain connected to the LAN1 port of the FRITZ!Box.


1. Open the FRITZ!Box interface

Open an Internet browser and enter "" in the address line. If you have any problems doing this, here are some hints on how to log on to a FRITZ!Box.

Next, please go to the menu Internet → Account information.

2. Adjust account information

Please make the following adjustments:

As internet service provider, select "more internet service providers" and "other Internet service provider".

Under "Connect via", select "Connection to an external modem or router".

Under "Operating mode", "Share existing internet connection in the network (Mesh Wi-Fi / IP client mode)" must be selected.

As soon as you click on "Apply", the settings will be applied and you will not be able to access the graphical interface again until the FRITZ!Box is connected to your other router.

3. Connecting the FRITZ!Box to your network

You can now already incorporate the FRITZ!Box into your network by connecting its LAN1 port with your actual router via LAN cable.

Next check on your DHCP server which IP address has been assigned to the FRITZ!Box. If you have stored this in your DHCP server itself, you should still know it.

Now you can access the graphical user interface with any PC within your network by entering the IP address just mentioned in the address field of your browser.

You can now set up the FRITZ!Box with a SIP trunk as a telephone system or with individual telephone numbers.

Oberfläche der FRITZ!Box erreichen

Überprüfen Sie dann auf Ihrem Router bzw. dessen DHCP-Server, welche IP-Adresse der FRITZ!Box zugewiesen wurde. 

Nun können Sie mit jedem beliebigen PC innerhalb Ihres Netzwerkes auf die grafische Oberfläche zugreifen, indem Sie diese IP-Adresse in das Adressfeld Ihres Browsers eingeben.

Anschließend können Sie die FRITZ!Box mit einem SIP Trunk als Telefonanlage oder mit einzelnen Rufnummern einrichten.