Producer: AVM
Name: FRITZ!Box
Router: 7490 (more to come)
Firmware: FRITZ!OS 6.50

How do I know which firmware version I use?

We recommend you to use the latest firmware version.


Sign in your FRITZ!Box

  1. Please make sure your FRITZ!Box is connected to the internet and your computer
  2. Please enter “” in the addressbar of your browser.
  3. If you have got a password, please enter and click “Anmelden” (Sign in).

Configure your connection setup

  • Now click in the menu called “Telefonie” (Telephony) here: “Eigene Rufnummern” (Own telephone number).
  • Now click “Annschlusseinstellungen” (Connection setup) at the register.
  • Please select “Deutschland” (Germany) from the drop-down menu of “Standortangaben” (Location information).
  • Enter “Landeskennzahl-Präfix 00” (Country code prefix 00) in the first and “Landeskennzahl 49” (Country code 49) in the second field of “Landesvorwahl” (Country code).
  • Please enter the “Ortskennzahl-Präfix” (Area code prefix) in the first field (eg. Berlin: “0”) and the “Ortskennzahl” (Area code) in the second one of “Ortsvorwahl” (Area code/Prefix number) (eg. Berlin: “30” ) (original: “030” stands for Berlin).
  • Deactivate the checkmark at “Faxübertragung auch mit T.38”. (Faxing also with T.38).
  • Click “Übernehmen” (Takeover).

Configure the telephone number

  • Menu item “Telefonie” (Telephony): Choose “Eigene Rufnummern” (Own telephone number), now “Rufnummern” (Telephone numbers).
  • Click “Neue Rufnummer” (New telephone number).
  • If you get asked, wether you want to enter an “Internetrufnummer” (Internet telephone number) or a “Festnetzrufnummer”(Landline number), please choose “Internetrufnummer”. Now click “Weiter” (Next).
  • Now please enter the following information:
    • Telefonie-Anbieter (Telefony provider): easybell
    • Internetrufnummer (Internet phone number): Your phone number in the international format (eg. 0049+ Prefix without “0” + phone number)
    • user name: Your phone number in the international format (eg. 0049+ Prefix without “0” + phone number)
    • Password: Your SIP password (You can find it in the customer portal via “Telefon-Funktionen/Einstellungen” (Telephone/Functions/Settings).
    • Ortsvorwahl (Area code, not viewable at all routers): Please do not enter anything here.
    • Anmeldung immer über eine Internetverbindung (Always registering via internet connection, only in expanded view): No checkmark
  • Click “Weiter” (Next).

  • You can double-check your settings on the following page, please click “Weiter” (Next) again.

If you did everything right and the box is connected to the Internet, you should be able to call now. If this is your first furnished number, please make every future call from this one. Please remember to configure your phone the way you like via “Telefonie” – “Telefoniegeräte” (Telephony – Telephony devices).