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Can I combine the Teams Connector with the Cloud Telefonanlage?

We explain why a combination of Cloud Telefonanlage and the Teams Connector is not possible, yet.

You can switch the mode of your SIP trunks in the customer portal under "Phone settings" > "Manage numbers". One of the modes available is "PBX" for the easybell Cloud Telefonanlage. If, on the other hand, you want to connect your SIP trunk to another PBX or to Microsoft Teams via the Teams Connector, you must use the "Trunk" mode. Therefore, parallel operation of the Cloud Telefonanlage and the Teams Connector is not possible at this time.

However, we are working to make both systems compatible with each other so that you can use Microsoft Teams as a device for the Cloud Telefonanlage.

As soon as this is possible, we will provide instructions in our help section as well as in our newsletter.

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