CLIP no screening can be used free of charge with easybell. The technical procedure for transmitting a phone number has the abbreviation "CLIP". The addition "no screening" means that easybell does not check whether the transmitted phone number (UPN) is the actual connection number. You can find a detailed description in our knowledge area.

Nevertheless, not every number can be sent. You can find out more about this below.

If you want to use CLIP no screening, you can find instructions for numerous devices and PBX systems in our help section, as well as the article "How to set up CLIP no screening".

Use cases

1. Save on telephone costs

Your own telephone number is ported to a full-service provider, but this involves very high costs for outgoing calls. By additionally using a VoIP offer from easybell and by defining a dialing rule (all or certain calls via easybell), costs can be reduced. By setting a UPN, it is not apparent to the called party that the calls are routed via easybell.

2. Display office number while in home office

If you don't want anyone to know that you are working from home today, signal your Büro number from your home office. This way you can make an official appearance for your company even from home.

3. Secretarial Service

If one should not reach you but your secretariat when calling back, then show this phone number.

4. Display a service phone number

If you want your customers to call back to a service number to ensure call announcements and availability, then signal the 0800/0180/0700 etc. -number.


  • You may only transmit numbers for which you have a right of use.
  • Numbers that are prohibited by the German respectively Austrian regulatory authorities are blocked. These include, for example, special numbers, premium rate services and emergency numbers.
  • Your own easybell phone number is displayed as additional information on higher-quality devices. Thus, you remain clearly identifiable for e.g. police, call centers and emergency services.

Read more in our article „Which phone numbers can I display outbound?“.