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Which phone numbers can be displayed for outbound calls (CLIP no screening)?

CLIP no screening offers extended options as to which phone numbers can be displayed to other subscribers for outbound calls. We provide an overview of what you need to be aware of, which numbers can and cannot display be displayed.

In this article, we assume that you are using the device-dependent caller ID (CLIP no screening) in the customer portal, and that your PBX / device transmits the information to be signaled for your call.

The user-defined specific caller ID in the customer portal and that of the Cloud Telefonanlage offer a slightly reduced range of functions: Currently, Austrian or other European numbers cannot yet be displayed this way.

Which phone numbers can be displayed?

In general, you may only display numbers that have been assigned to you or for which you are the subscriber. These can, for example, originate from another connection under your name.

In Austria, the maximum number length including the country code is 12 digits.

Call numbers that are prohibited by the regulatory authorities are not permitted by our infrastructure. These include, for example, special numbers, value-added services and emergency numbers. The following is a list of the most common number ranges and a note on whether they are permitted or blocked.

Number ranges in Germany

Number range Type of service Allowed
0800 Free service numbers yes
0700 Personal numbers, regardless of the location of the connection. Callers always pay the same fee, additional costs for forwarding are paid by the line owner yes
  Numbers of emergency services, public authorities and similar institutions. no
0900 Value-added service with up to €3 per minute or €30 per call. no
0137(1-9) Value-added services where the call attempt is already subject to a charge. no
0180(1-7) Value-added services where the connection costs are shared, which are increasingly attracting attention in connection with dubious call services. no

Number ranges in Austria

Number Range Type of service Allowed
0800 free service numbers yes
0810, 0820, 0821 value-added services with moderate charges yes
  call numbers of emergency services, authorities and similar institutions no
0900 & 0901 as well as 0930, 0931 & 0939 Value-added services with potentially very high charges. May cost up to 3.64€ per minute and 132€ per call no

Proof of assignment for other countries of the European Union

It is possible to display German as well as Austrian phone numbers via CLIP no screening without further proof, as long as these numbers meet the above requirements.

If you want to signal phone numbers from other EU countries, please send us a proof that you are the allottee of the desired phone numbers or phone number range. We can then activate this range for you.

[Translate to english:] Rechtliche Grundlage

[Translate to english:]

Für Deutschland: Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG) ab § 66k (1) und (2).

Für Österreich: Kommunikationsparameter-, Entgelt- und Mehrwertdiensteverordnung 2009 – KEM-V 2009 ab §5 (4) und (5)