Changing the displayed phone number allows you to, for example, show your office extension number (DDI) from the home office. In our help center you will find a list of other areas of application in work and everyday life.


To make the settings for phone numbers, please follow the steps below:

1. Manage numbers

First, please call up your customer portal and go to "Manage numbers" in the "Phone settings" area.

Then click on the small cogwheel behind "Call number display CLIP" for the phone number you want to change.

2. Edit calling line identification

Another window opens in which you can choose between the following items:

Display a specific Caller ID

By default, the original phone number is selected here.

Alternatively, you can activate the option "Number" and enter a different phone number. Please be sure to observe the legal information that is displayed!


Suppress phone number

With this selection, calls are made "anonymously". No phone number is transmitted.


For business accounts, you can operate phone numbers/blocks in "Trunk" mode. In this mode, the option "device-dependent aller ID (CLIP no screening)" is also available, which gives more advanced options for use with PBX systems.

3. Confirm settings

Finally, please click on "Apply" so that the settings become valid.

For the "Number" option, you must first confirm that you have read and accept the legal information.


  • You may only transmit phone numbers to which you have a right of use.
  • Phone numbers which are prohibited by the Federal Network Agency or the Austrian regulatory authority are blocked. These include, for example, special numbers, value-added services and emergency numbers.
  • Your own easybell phone number is displayed on higher-value devices as additional information. This means that they remain clearly identifiable for the police, call centres and emergency services, for example.