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For what can I use the configurable caller display (UPN)?

1.Save cost of calls (“Next Generation Call by Call”)

The own phone number is ported to a provider with a complete connection solution. But there are high costs for outgoing calls. With the additional use of a VoIP offer by easybell and by lodging a calling rule (for all or special calls via easybell), you can lower the costs. Set a UPN and the callee can’t see that the calls were made via easybell.


2. Display the office phone number from your home office

Nobody shall know, that you’re working from home today? Display your office phone number as the caller ID from your home office. With this solution, you can represent your company from home.


3. Assistant service

Shall someone call back your office instead of yourself? Display this phone number.


4. Display a service number

If you want your customers to call back on a service number (e.g. to guarantee your availability), you can display the 0800/0180/0700 etc. number.



For investigation authorities, it is possible to get your “Provided Number” to track back a call.