Telephone system in the cloud

Be reachable worldwide!

Our easybell Cloud PBX offers you all the features of a modern telephone system. All settings can be accessed via your internet browser. This results in further advantages: The Cloud PBX can be used from anywhere; all you need is an internet connection. Employees in the field or in the home office can be seamlessly integrated.

Intuitive operating concept

Set up your telephone system by yourself.

The easybell Cloud telephone system is designed to be completely intuitive to use. This allows people with little technical affinity to configure the PBX quickly and easily. You can immediately see which functions can be found where in the interface of the cloud telephone system.


Classic telephony

Use all the features you are used to from ISDN.

With a Cloud PBX you can do many things that were not possible before. But of course you can continue to make calls as usual. Telephony is child's play for you and your employees.

Direct dialing numbers

Assemble a logical numbering system for your number pad.

Create direct dial numbers for your number blocks. You can use Catch All to forward calls to extensions that have not been assigned, for example, to your switchboard.

Quick dial

Do not type in long numbers.

As a user of the Cloud PBX, you only need to dial the fixed quick dial number instead of the full number to reach the desired extension. The direct dial number, which consists of the variable part you specify at the end of a number block, can also be the quick dial at the same time.

Call Transfer

Simply forward calls to colleagues.

With an attended or unattended call transfer you can easily transfer calls to other extensions. With an attended call transfer, you can consult your colleague in advance.

Call forwarding

Forward calls directly or after a desired period of time.

Whether answering machine or normal forwarding to a colleague's extension - quickly and easily set up call forwarding with various answering options. Decide after how many seconds the forwarding should start.

Queue / Waiting loop

Set up a friendly greeting.

Simply add a waiting loop with a click. Your callers no longer hear the anonymous ringing but are directly received.

Custom music on hold

Set up your very own greeting.

With the individual music on hold, a product or company jingle, opening hours or favorite music can be switched instead of the easybell standard announcement. For even more freedom, you can even customize the music for each extension or call group.

Interactive voice menus (IVR)

Greet callers with a professional voice menu (IVR)

Manual call transfer can tie up staff unnecessarily and be a test of patience for callers. This is where the interactive voice menus (IVR) of the Cloud Telefonanlage can help: callers can then decide for themselves which department they want to be connected to. In this way, callers end up directly where they can best be helped. And you and your team can concentrate on other tasks.

For more information, see "Setting up the voice menu (IVR)".

Situation-dependent voicemail

Don't miss any message.

The situation-dependent voicemail allows you to play different announcements for specific occasions. You will be informed about new messages by email or SMS (or via both channels).

Busy lamp field with call pickup feature

See if your colleagues are talking.

With the busy lamp field (BLF) and call pickup you work better together. You can see if a colleague is on the phone. And if a currently unoccupied workstation is called, you can pick up the call at the touch of a button.

On-call groups

Combine several telephones under one number.

By “Drag&Drop” or click you decide which end devices are to be integrated into the extension of your choice. In this way, you can put together a team for a hotline or ensure that an employee can be reached at several workstations simultaneously.

Parallel ringing

You can also be reached on the road at your office number.

In addition to IP phones, you can also integrate external phones, e.g. your mobile phone, into a call group. If you are now called to your extension number, it rings both on your mobile phone and at your desk.

Night switch

Define how telephone calls are to be handled outside your working hours.

At some point every working day comes to an end. Now you can easily activate the end of working day switch for your extension. Then select whether callers are to be forwarded to colleagues or your voicemail or whether you want to set a message with your business hours.

Fax2Mail and Web2Fax

Always have your fax machine with you.

Using this feature, faxes can be sent and received paperless. So forget about the classic fax machine. Thanks to easybell you work with a complete online fax function. Incoming faxes are sent to you free of charge in PDF format, simply as an email attachment. Send faxes conveniently online, whether via tablet, smartphone or PC.


Branch capability

Combine different locations in one telephone system.

Numbers of different area codes can easily be managed in a Cloud PBX. This is especially useful if you want to combine several locations in one telephone system. Colleagues from Hamburg and Munich can work together as if they were sitting next to each other.

In our instructions we will show you how you can use the branch capability.

PIN-protected conference rooms

Use the easybell Cloud PBX for telephone conferences.

The conference function is just right for you if you want to call up to ten people at the same time. With PIN protection, you can be sure that only those participants are in the conference who have been given the PIN.

Here we show you how to set up conference rooms in the Cloud PBX.

ACS – Autoprovisioning

Have your devices configured automatically.

You can configure your IP phones automatically in the Cloud PBX. This saves time and sometimes also nerves.

OfficeDesk employee accesses

The telephone system access for your employees.

With the OfficeDesk you can give your employees the possibility to manage selected devices and extensions independently. Employees do not have to contact the administrator for every call forwarding. In the OfficeDesk, functions such as call forwarding, voicemail and the night switch can be set up, activated and deactivated. It is also possible to send faxes and SMS.

Employees only have access to the OfficeDesk of the Cloud PBX provided to them, but not to company data stored in the customer portal such as invoices or the accesses of other employees.

High safety standards

We pay attention to the security of your telephony.

The Cloud PBX is a hosted solution in which each telephone system is a separate installation on a dedicated VM server in Germany. This means that you do not have to share the system with other users as with other providers.

TAPI interface

Call contacts directly from your PC programs.

With the TAPI driver you can call phone numbers directly from your Windows programs, e.g. from the e-mail program Outlook. After the click your phone rings, as soon as you answer the phone, the call is established.

Continuous development and automatic updates

We want to continuously improve our product.

The Cloud PBX is by no means a static, rigid solution. Our developers are constantly working on new features. The system is always automatically updated to the latest software version. New features are immediately available after introduction, without you having to actively worry about updates.


Created on: 08. November 2023