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Office Komplett Cloud

VDSL and Cloud Telefonanlage with flat rates

Now just34.95  €/month

DSL connection with up to 250 Mbps

Get the fastest DSL-option at your company's site with an optional static IP

German landline flat rate included

Optional flat rates to mobiles and international destinations for up to 50 parallel calls

Advanced Cloud PBX included

10 extensions and devices inclduded, blocks of phone numbers without monthly charges
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No minimum contract period

Cancel anytime, excellent service, optional even around the clock, every day

Office Komplett Cloud – DSL, Cloud PBX and landline flat rate

You are looking for a complete solution for your business telephony with Internet, direct dial telephone connection and telephone system? Are you looking for a telephone system that you can flexibly operate yourself? Would you like to benefit from the cost security of a flat rate to German landlines, German mobile network and international destinations? Then Office Komplett Cloud is the right one for you!

  • Office Komplett Cloud: VDSL connection with professional telephony solution
  • Dial-through telephone connection with 2 to 50 voice channels for the use of number blocks
  • always with an easybell Cloud Telefonanlage (Cloud PBX) included
  • Use functions such as time-controlled call forwarding, branch capability, busy lamp field, call pickup, call transfer, TAPI and many more.
  • For all company sizes and companies with up to 100 employees who want to work independently and flexibly.

Fast internet flat rate with up to 250 Mbps

Always get the best available DSL connection.

  • ADSL Annex J with up to 16 Mbps download and faster upload with up to 2.8 Mbps included
  • VDSL Vectoring with up to 100 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload for 5 €/month extra
  • VDSL Supervectoring with up to 250 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload for 15 €/month extra

You will always get the fastest VDSL connection. Free upgrade from slower VDSL to 100 Mbps and from 175 Mbps to 250 Mbps in case of later availabilty

  • Optional: Premium service including static IP-address for 6.95€/month (static IP-address; 24-hour hotline and express fault clearance)*

Business telephony with up to 50 voice channels

SIP Trunking is the new technology for business phone lines. It connects your telephone system with the telephone network in a comfortable, easy and reliable way. Two lines are already included!

  • Direct dial: SIP-DDI and CLIP no screening for using blocks of phone numbers
  • capable of our easybell Cloud Telefonanlage
  • numerous phone features with Fax2Mail, voice mail and many more

    Attractive phone line flat rates, German landline included*

    You will call much cheaper with our attractive flat rate offers:

    • the optional mobile flat rate for longer calls to German mobile networks
    • the optional international flat rate for usual calls abroad
    • flat rate to German landline included
    Flat rates 
    Flat rate to German landlineincluded
    Optional flat rate to german mobile networks5 €/month per line
    Optional international flat rate in 40 countries2.95 €/month per line

    Blocks of phone numbers without monthly additional costs*

    With a block of telephone numbers, you get phone numbers for all employees, which easily can be kept in mind. Furthermore, you can use all functions of an easybell Cloud Telefonanlage.

    • Block of 10 phone numbers for 19.95 € one-off, 100 numbers for 49.95 €
    • Blocks of 1000 numbers with limited availability for 99.95 € provisioning fee
    • Free porting of phone numbers or phone number blocks
    • Use more than one block of phone numbers in a telephone system

      Port your phone number without any interruptions

      Switching to easybell is very easy.:

      • We cancel your contract at your old provider and
      • We do the porting of your usual phone numbers and blocks of phone numbers.

      Optional hardware: Modern IP phone and FRITZ!Box top router

      The Snom IP phone D865 is regarded as a guarantee for calling in top HD quality. Not only do the business phone look good, it also have a whole host of other technical refinements in store!

      • High-resolution 5" TFT display
      • Self-labelling function keys
      • Bluetooth, USB connection, WLAN, designed in Germany
      • 15 function keys

      You can use your own router or get a new FRITZ!Box 7590 AX.
      Get the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX for only 199 € plus VAT.

      • all login information included
      • Pre-configured and free of forwarding costs
      Snom IP phone159 € one-off (optional power supply unit for 11 € one-off)
      FRITZ!Box 7590 AX199 € one-off or 4.95 €/month to rent

      *All prices subject to statutory VAT

      Reliable, top-quality phone system based in Germany

      With easybell SIP trunking, your encrypted calls will be able to get a better quality than ISDN calls. All servers are hosted in German data centers.

      • TLS, ZRTP and SRTP encryption
      • High call quality in HD or ISDN quality
      • Failover (=an automatic switch to a secondary system on failure of the primary system) for each extension via virtual DDIs

      Fair contract conditions and excellent prime support

      All business clients profit from our fair contract conditions and enjoy additional benefits:

      • No contract term, can be cancelled monthly
      • Free switch of plans
      • excellent business support with trained service personnel, optional: 24/7 available, express supression within 8 hours on working days for just 5 €/monday surcharge (static IP in VDSL and Annex J included)

      Collective invoice for multiple accounts

      Put an end to confusing telephone bills and complicated accounting! With easybell, you can combine multiple locations or accounts and bill them in one collective invoice.

      • You decide which accounts are grouped together.
      • One simple invoice for all your customer numbers.
      • Only a single payment by direct debit or bank transfer.


      Price (incl. Cloud Telefonanlage 10) 
      Monthly charge for ADSL Annex J34.95 €/month
      VDSL Vectoring+ 5 €/month
      VDSL Supervectoring+ 15 €/month
      Activation fee49.95 € one-off
      Mobile network without flat rate9.8 ct/min
      Flat ratesPrice per voice channel
      Flat rate to German landlineincluding
      Optional flat rate to German mobile network5 €/month
      Optional flat rate to the landline of 40 countries2.95 €/month
      Additional options 
      Blocks of phone numbers of 1019.95 € one-off
      Blocks of phone numbers of 10049.95 € one-off
      Block of phone numbers of 1000 (from 50 voice channels)99.95 € one-off
      Prime service & stativ IP address*5 €/month
      Snom IP phone D865159 € one-off

      All prices at a glance

      Product: Office Complete Cloud
      An Office Complete Cloud tariff always consists of

      1. DSL connection
      2. Phone connection with landline flat rate
      3. Cloud telephone system

      The final price results from the composition of these tariff components, but is at least 34.95 €/month (ADSL Annex B, 2 parallel calls, Cloud Telephone System 10).
      The following payment methods apply to tariffs for companies: Convenient payment by direct debit or by bank transfer after invoicing.

      Tariff components

      1. DSL connection
      Provision fee: 49,95 €

      Bandwidth options:
      ADSL Annex B: Up to 16 Mbit/s download and 1 Mbit/s upload for 15,00 €/month
      ADSL Annex J: Up to 16 Mbit/s download and 2,8 Mbit/s upload for 20,00 €/month
      VDSL Basic: Up to 50 Mbit/s download and 10 Mbit/s upload for 25,00 €/month
      VDSL Vectoring: Up to 100 Mbit/s download and 40 Mbit/s upload for 25,00 €/month
      VDSL Supervectoring: Up to 250 Mbit/s download and 40 Mbit/s upload for 35,00 €/month

      For VDSL Basic and Vectoring connections, the following applies: depending on availability, 25, 50 or 100 Mbit/s will be installed; if availability improves in the future, the speed will be increased to up to 100 Mbit/s free of charge.
      For VDSL supervectoring connections: depending on availability, 175 or 250 Mbit/s will be installed, with improved availability the speed will be increased to up to 250 Mbit/s free of charge.

      2. IP-based telephone connection
      Only works in conjunction with the easybell Cloud Telephone System.

      Line options:
      2 lines: 5 €/month
      5 lines: 12,50 €/month
      10 lines: 20 €/month
      50 voice channels: 70 €/month

      Flatrate options:
      Landline Germany: included
      Mobile network Germany: 5 €/month per booked line
      International flat rate to the fixed network of 40 countries: 2.95 €/month per booked line

      Flat rates can only be booked for all lines. Billing of voice calls outside the flat rate in minute-by-minute intervals (60/60). Here you can find our telephone price list.

      3. Cloud Telefonanlage
      Cloud Telefonanlage 10: 9,95 €/month
      CloudTelefonanlage 25: 19,95 €/month
      Cloud Telefonanlage 50: 29,95 €/month

      Another 10 devices and 10 extensions €10/month extra.

      Additional options

      Premium Service: €5/month surcharge
      24-hour-service-hotline for fault response, priority processing, initiation of express fault clearance with technician intervention within 8 hours during our business hours and static IP address.

      Important: A static IP address is only possible in combination with ADSL-Annex-J and VDSL connections, but not with ADSL-Annex-B connections. Carrier Express fault clearance is not available in some regions of Germany. The exact configuration of Premium Service for your constellation (technology and location) will be communicated to you in the ordering process.

      Blocks of telephone numbers:
      Provision of a new block of numbers for a one-time fee of €19.95 each for blocks of 10, €49.95 for blocks of 100, and 99 €.95 for blocks of 1000. Blocks of 1000 numbers are not available in all regions and require at least 50 voice channels. A single phone number is free of charge for new orders; subsequent orders cost a one-time fee of €4 per phone number.

      IP telephone Snom D785 for purchase for a one-time fee of 159 €, optional power supply unit for a one-time fee of 11 €
      Router FRITZ!Box 7590 AX for rent for 3,95 €/month or for purchase for 199 €

      No minimum contract period; can be cancelled 14 days to the end of the month.
      Call by Call not possible.
      Contracted speed is always according to our bandwidth guarantee. Rates only available if easybell ADSL or VDSL is available.
      VoIP-capable devices and router compatible with connection technology are a prerequisite.


      Here you can see if and how you can port your telephone numbers to easybell.

      Yes. You can transfer your old phone number to easybell if we take over your current line or you move home within your local exchange area. The same applies to older, shorter phone numbers.

      Click here for a detailed explanation.

      To use VoIP, you don't need much more than an Internet connection and a compatible device.

      You can use VoIP with every internet connection (DSL, Cable, UMTS, LTE etc.) worldwide if the up-/downstream is at least 80 kbps.

      You can call with any telephone if it’s connected to a VoIP compatible router (eg. FRITZ!Box or Speedport). You can also call via a smartphone app, a softphone via PC or an IP phone.

      You will also get a real local phone number, so you’ll be available from any phone worldwide with this number. 

      You can use the phone connection worldwide (“nomadic use”). That’s why you can call like you’re at home when you’re on holidays or on business trips abroad. You only need an internet connection at your places and a connected VoIP compatible device like a smartphone, an IP phone or a softphone.

      You can activate many devices at the same time. They ring simultaneously without any extra fees for forwarding. Now it is possible to be available via one number at more than one place at the same time.

      You can register five devices at one SIP account. 

      Here you can find out how to place an order.

      You register via the following steps:

      1. You order online.
      2. You receive an email. Please click the verification link.
      3. easybell sends you a code for verification of your address to your postal address. (wait for about 2 working days)
      4. After entering the code at the customer portal  (Button: Enter code), a complete use of your connection (incoming and outgoing calls) is possible.

      You can order a porting of phone numbers via the customer portal after the complete activation of the connections via the customer portal.

      No, as standard we do not enter your number into the phone book.

      If you would like your number to be included, then after your order you can request it to be entered in the Phone functions/Settings section of the customer portal.

      In the process you can decide which specific information you would like to publish online or offline for each local telephone number.

      However, be aware that once your number has been published it cannot be quickly removed again.

      The infrastructure of our telephony supports TLS connections and SRTP. If your device is able to use these standards, you can activate them without any problems.

      We explain whether you can also use a consumer product for commercial purposes and provide you with alternatives.

      No, this product is not intended for business use.

      Please take a look at our SIP trunks and complete connections for business customers. This way you get professional features for everyday work like number blocks without monthly costs, online fax connection included and an optional premium service.