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500 minutes to German landlines included

Automatic landline flat rate as "cost airbag" thereafter
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Landline with local telephone number

Make calls from any broadband connection
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Termination on a monthly basis

No minimum contract period, 7-day notice period
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Numerous phone functions included

Voicemail, Web2Fax, conference rooms, encryption, HD voice…
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500minuten En Mobil

VoIP service including 500 minutes and "cost airbag"

An IP connection works globally with a broadband connection. You can simultaneously register every phone number on upt to five phones. Two calls at the same time are possible.

  • Base fee: 2,99€ a month for 500 minutes to German landlines
  • Cost security, not just for the included minutes: automatic landline flat rate for 2.99€ more
  • Calls in ISDN or HD quality, video-telephony possible
Kostenlose Ortsrufnummer inklusive

Local telephone number included

With an IP connection you can be reached at your local telephone number – on your landline telephone at home, in the office or on your smartphone.

  • Option of renting up to nine extra local telephone numbers for 0.79€ each per month
  • Free phone number porting possible
Betrugsschutz En Mobil

Guaranteed fraud protection included

Our fraud protection service recognizes professional abuse early. Your maximum damage will not exceed 20 € for international calls. 

  • We’ll guarantee this, if your telephone account is used by professional criminals and you’ve complied with your duty of care.
  • duty of care means, that you use safe passwords and you don't share them with others. You are also responsible for keeping the firmware of your voip-devices up to date.
Icon Fairer Vertrag

No minimum contract period, excellent customer service

Our VoIP plans can be terminated seven days before the end of month.

  • Convenient payment via direct debit with monthly billing
  • Excellent customer service via email or telephone
Icon Funktionen

Numerous phone functions, easy to manage online

Our IP-based connection offers you comfortable handling comparable to an ISDN connection. Use our simple online management for numerous additional functions.

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Monthly charge < 500 min2.99€/month
Monthly charge > 500 min5.98€/month
Mobile networks9.8c/min
One local telephone numberfor free
Extra local telephone numbers0.79€/month
All prices at a glance 

VoIP phone line including local telephone number with use-based basic fee; 2.99€ for up to 500 min/month to German landlines and 5.98€ for over 500 minutes; to-the-minute charge in an increment of 60/60; 9.8c/min to German landlines; two parallel calls possible; partial amounts cannot be refunded; no minimum contract period; existing broadband access is required; Statutory VAT included. Our calls price list can be found here.

  • IP connection
  • 500 minutes included
  • Local telephone number included

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Can I encrypt the telephony?

Can I use this product on a commercial basis?