Be available on different devices at the same time

If you use our “parallel ringing“ function, all incoming calls will ring on different devices at the same time, e.g. your landline phone and your mobile phone will ring at once. Get your calls where you are – not, where your fixed phone is. Click here to get more information about setting up this function by yourself.

Local easybell rates – worldwide

Call from every broadband connection worldwide with your IP-based easybell connection and receive calls to your landline number. The conditions of your easybell plans will always apply. For example: You can call Germany from abroad with your landline flat rate. With our smartphone app, you will always take your VoIP-compatible device with you.

Simply set up your call forwarding settings

With easybell, you can simply set up your call forwarding settings online. You decide, when your calls shall be forwarded. Get more information about how to set up this function and donʼt miss a call anymore!

Block outgoing calls

Protect yourself and your family from expensive phone bills. Our blocking lists enable you to block outgoing calls to certain numbers and area codes, e.g. international calls or calls to mobile networks. We show you, how to generate blocking lists for outgoing calls.

Block incoming calls

Decide, whoʼs allowed to call you with our blocking lists. For every easybell phone number, you can block individual incoming calls, e.g. anonymous numbers, advertising hotlines or people, who bother you. Protect yourself, if your number got to the wrong people. We show you, how to generate blocking lists for incoming calls.

Free voicemail

With easybell, you can receive new voicemails via email for free. You can easily activate and manage this feature online. Your caller will be welcomed by your individual message.

Send and receive faxes online

You donʼt need a conventional fax machine anymore, because easybell offers you a complete fax function online. You receive incoming faxes via email as an attached PDF from easybell. If you want to send faxes, you can easily manage this online, too. With easybell, you always have your fax machine with you.

See active devices

You can see, which VoIP devices are activated with easybell to keep track of all your registered phones. Click here for more information.

Configurable caller ID

Your office number, your mobile number or an anonymous one – you decide, which one is displayed. The configurable caller ID offers you lots of flexibility. We show your for what you can use the configurable caller ID and how to set it up right.

Host a telephone conference

If you want to call more than two persons at the same time, our conference function is perfect for you. Every easybell phone number can be turned into a conference room for free – with just one click. You can talk to up to ten participants at the same time. For more information about how to set up a telephone conference click here.

All calls at a glance

You want to know, how many minutes youʼve called to one person last month, or which call youʼve missed during the last two days? Our call history online gives detailed information about your calls, including sorting and export functions. Get more information here.

Created on: 08. November 2023