Manufacturer: AVM
Designation: FRITZ!Box
Models: 7590, 7560, 7530, 7490 and others
Firmware: FRITZ!OS 7.10 and higher

These instructions refer to the firmware version FRITZ!OS 7.10 or higher.
Instructions for models with older firmwares can be found further below.

How do I know which firmware I’ve got?

Connecting the box

  • Please connect the FRITZ!Box with the phone socket via the included connecting cable.
    Now connect the cable to the DSL/TEL port on the router.
  • Connect your computer via an Ethernet cable or via a wireless network to the FRITZ!Box.
  • Now please put the other end of the Ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports on the back of the router.
  • You can find the password for wireless network on the bottom side of your FRITZ!Box.

Should you have any further questions about this, this article may help.

Sign in your FRITZ!Box

  • Enter “” into the adressbar of your browser.
  • If you are dialing in your FRITZ!Box for the first time, you will be asked to create a password. We recommend you to choose a secure one and not to forget it. You can also remove the checkmark at “FRITZ!Box Kennwort jetzt setzen (empfohlen)” (Set FRITZ!Box password now (recommended).
  • Please click “Anmelden” (Log in).

If you run into any trouble signing in, please have a look at this guide.

Configure your internet connection

These instructions are valid for all easybell ADSL and VDSL connections. Please note that the language of the FRITZ!Box can be set to English via System > Region and Language.

Note: If you have a VDSL connection, we recommend that you connect the FRITZ!Box to the already activated DSL connection before setting it up. Otherwise, you may have to enter the user credentials for DSL again when connecting for the first time.

  • Please click “Internet” on the menu desk on the left and choose “Account Information” (“Zugangsdaten”).
  • You should see in the menu tab “Internet Connection” (“Internetzugang”).
  • Please enter the following information:
  • Internet service provider (Internetanbieter): Choose “more internet service providers” (“Weitere Internetanbieter”) first and afterwards “easybell” in the menu below.
  • User name: Enter your easybell username you have received via email. You can also find it in your customer service portal at “My data” > “My product”.
    (If the user name is not accepted, please take a look at the note following these instructions.)
  • Password: Please enter the DSL password. You can find it in the same email or in our customer service portal.
  • If your easybell DSL Connection has not been activated at your place yet, please remove the checkmark at “Check the internet connection after „Apply“ has been clicked” (“Internetzugang nach dem „Übernehmen“ prüfen”).
  • Please click “Apply” (“Übernehmen”).
    Fos720 Dsl Setup
  • In the next step, the Internet connection will be checked -if this has been selected- and the setup is completed.

Note on the DSL user name

The DSL user name depends on the connection technology used. It consists of a so-called user ID (e.g. 123456-7) and a realm (e.g.

If your connection technology has recently changed (e.g. from ADSL to VDSL), it is possible that you will be shown outdated data in the customer portal. However, with the help of the following table you can easily determine the valid DSL user name yourself, where ****** stands for the user ID.

For all ADSL connections (Annex B and Annex J)******
For all VDSL connections******%11

Instructions for older firmwares

Here you may find Instructions for models running older and outdated firmwares:

FRITZ!Box (ADSL- und VDSL-Konfiguration von FRITZ!OS 5.22 bis FRITZ!OS 6.30)

FRITZ!Box (ADSL- und VDSL-Konfiguration ab FRITZ!OS 6.50)