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How to configure devices automatically in the Cloud Telefonanlage (ACS)?

In the following we will explain how to use the automatic configuration (ACS) of devices in your Cloud Telefonanlage.

Devices currently configurable via the Cloud Telefonanlage's ACS feature:

Htek: easybell IP-Phone / UC900 Series
Snom: 7xx/8xx/Dxxx Series (from firmware version 7.x)
Yealink: T-4xP/S Series from firmware version X.85.X (Notes on G Series)

Caution! When using automatic provisioning, all previous settings on the particular IP phone will be overwritten.
The access data, for example, for the user interface of the device, will also be the ACS credentials afterwards.

Device automatic configuration setup

To have your devices automatically configured in the Cloud Telefonanlage, please follow these steps.

1. Open up the Cloud Telefonanlage

First, please open your easybell customer portal. Next, select "Cloud Telefonanlage" in "Phone settings".

2. Select the device

3. Configure device

Specifications of the device


Authentication via credentials

The first time you reboot your IP phone, you will be asked for the HTTP user name and HTTP password on your phone's display. This refers to the ACS login data, which you must transfer from the easybell customer portal. This input is only necessary the first time you restart the phone after a reset.

Authentication via trusted IP

As an additional security feature, you can use "trusted IP" when automatically setting up devices. Logging on to the provisioning server and thus automatic configuration is then only possible if the device is in the  enabled IP range when ( re) booting.

By clicking on the gear icon in the right side margin, you can specify one or more IP addresses from which logins are allowed 

Caution! This setting applies only to authentication with the provisioning server. If you want IP-based authentication of a SIP trunk, then we recommend our article "How does Trusted IP work?"

Additional features

Assign softkeys

2. When you have created your softkeys, click "Save." You will be taken back to the setup interface of the device.

3. To transfer the softkey settings to your device, please click  "Save" first and then restart the IP phone . Devices that have already been configured via ACS will restart automatically after a saved change.

4. After restarting, the device is fully configured and the softkeys from the Cloud Telefonanlage can be used.

Transfer contacts to a telephone

You can transfer the contacts stored in your Cloud Telefonanlage to your Snom, Htek and Yealink phones using the automatic configuration (ACS).

Note: When using Snom phones, please note that for contacts with multiple phone numbers, each phone number is stored as a single contact. The team of Snom is working on firmware improvements to allow contacts with multiple phone numbers.

1. Transfer contacts to a phone

  1. To transfer your contacts, check the "Upload contacts to telephone" checkbox in the device's settings of your Cloud Telefonanlage.
  2. Save your settings.
  3. After saving, restart the corresponding phone.
  4. The contacts of your Cloud Telefonanlage will be transferred to the phone when you restart it.

2. Here you can find the transferred contacts on your phone:

  • Snom D785: Transferred contacts are directly on the "Phonebook" button.
  • Htek UC924 ("easybell IP-Phone"): Transferred contacts are located in the "Remote Phonebook". To get there, press "Contacts", then press the right arrow twice, press "Apply" and confirm the selection "Cloud Phonebook".
  • Yealink devices: To see the transferred contacts press the "Menu" button. Next select "Phonebook" and then "External Phonebook". After that, select "Cloud Phonebook".

3. Update contact information

To transfer changes made to contacts in you Cloud Telefonanlage to your phone, please restart it after having saved these changes. With the restart, the changes will be transferred to your phone.

4. Disabling the upload of contacts

  1. To disable the upload of contacts for a device, uncheck the "Upload contacts to telephone" checkbox in the device's settings in the Cloud Telefonanlage. Make sure to save the settings.
  2. Reset your phone to factory preset.
  3. With the next reboot, no contacts will be transferred to the phone while still being automatically configured


  • While the IP phone to be configured is in use, the reboot cannot take place.
  • If problems occur during automatic configuration, the phone must be factory reset.
  • If the ACS has been activated and there is no phone online, the phone must be started manually. The phone's settings will be overwritten.
  • After the HTEK UC924 (easybell IP-Phone) has been autoprovisioned, the automatic restart must be waited for so that the use of the G722 codec works properly.
  • The G-series phones from Yealink (T4xG) can no longer be provisioned automatically. The firmware version X.85.X (or higher) required for the Yealink autoprovisioning servers has not been released for these devices because the manufacturer has declared them "End of Life". Of course a manual configuration is still possible.