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How do I set up devices in my Cloud Telefonanlage?

In the following article, we will explain how you can set up devices in your Cloud Telefonanlage.


To set up a device in your Cloud Telefonanlage please follow the next steps in your easybell customer portal.

1. Log in to the Cloud Telefonanlage

2. Add device

3. Configure device

This opens a detailed menu with which you can set up the device. The individual sections are explained in the following.

3.1 Basic settings

3.2 Outgoing calls

If you have selected "External Device" as "Type of device", you must set the phone number and decide which extensions the device should respond to for incoming calls.

3.3 Incoming Calls

3.4 Configure device

When configuring devices (also called provisioning) you can choose between manual or automatic setup. We recommend automatic setup if your IP phone is supported by us (currently Htek, Snom and Yealink). For a comprehensive description and additional advice on automatic configuration, please see our article "How to configure devices automatically in the Cloud Telefonanlage (ACS)?".

To create login information for a device, please click on the button "Save and generate information". The next paragraph describes the manual and automatic setup in detail.

3.4.1 Manual configuration
3.4.2 Automatic configuration

For "How do you want to configure the device?" please select "Automatically".

Details of the device
Authentication method
Additional features

Completing the setup

If you are satisfied with your settings, click "Save". Your newly created device is now listed in the overview of your Cloud Telefonanlage under "Devices".