Whatʼs a porting?

Porting means, you can keep your phone number when you change your telephone or DSL provider. Thatʼs why that process is also called a “number portability”. If you move within the same area code or make a connection switch at the same address, a porting will be successful. Please make sure to have your old line terminated by your new provider. This guarantees the comfortable porting of your phone numbers and uninterrupted availability.

The porting to easybell is free. Please notice that the operation of non-local numbers is not permitted.

Porting to easybell

A porting to easybell is very simple. You can keep your present numbers at our “Komplett” products as well as our VoIP products (except for the plans “010010” and “Call Basic Out only”). Return the signed porting order via fax, mail or email. You can find our contact information on the porting form.

Do not withdraw from your contract on your own – we can do this for you!

To make sure, your number will be available without any interruptions, the termination of your contract should be done by easybell. Please order in time and return the signed porting form within 30 days before the end of your notice period. This enables us to contact your old provider again in case they didnʼt react to our first request. A shorter transfer period is possible, but in this case we cannot guarantee a timely termination.

We will send you a confirmation via email as soon as the old provider has accepted the porting and the termination. If you havenʼt received a confirmation one day before the end of notice period, please withdraw from the contract on your own and notify us of this.

If you donʼt know the notice period of your old contract, easybell will terminate the contract for you to the earliest possible date. If you terminate on your own, it can lead to interruptions. Furthermore, your old provider hands over the number only during a certain application period after the number has been terminated (6 to 30 weeks, depending on the provider).

The porting form

For the porting, we need a completed porting form.

In case of a change of provider, we automatically send you the completed form after your order.

If you have already terminated your old contract or in case of moving, please use the input mask in our customer portal. The input mask will be available at a certain point of time during the ordering process via “telephone functions”/“manage phone numbers”:

  • VoIP products: After weʼve asigned a number for you.
  • “Komplett” products: After your device has been connected.

What do you need to consider when entering your information?

The online mask in our customer portal will help you to avoid mistakes. Just:

  • Check your address.
  • Information about the connection owner (name, address) need to be identic with the information entered on the former contract.
  • Choose your previous provider from the dropdown list.
  • Tell us your favorite connection date (optional).
  • Tell us, if you have already withdrawn from the contract or if we shall do this for you.
  • Please enter the number we shall port.

After that, we will send you the porting form. Please sign it.

Please return the completed and signed form via email, fax or mail.

Checklist: Transferring the connection

  1. Please specify that you want a connection switch during the order.
  2. Please fill in the porting mask carefully.
  3. After your order, you will get your completed porting form.
  4. Please sign it and return to easybell.
  5. easybell will hand-off the porting form to your old provider and will tell you the porting date after the providerʼs confirmation.
  6. You can use your number as usual via easybell from the day of porting.

Checklist: New connections and VoIP connections

  1. Please specify that you want to order a new connection during the ordering process.
  2. After your new connection is available or after your initial numbers were asigned (VoIP), you can make a porting via the easybell customer portal. Click “telephone functions”/ “manage phone numbers”, then “Porting”.
  3. Please fill in the online mask carefully, enter your old address and click “Send”.
  4. We will send you the completed porting form via email. Please sign it.
  5. Please return it via fax, email or mail to easybell. The contact information will be provided on the form.
  6. easybell will hand over the porting form to your old provider and will tell you the porting date after the providerʼs confirmation.
  7. You can use your number as usual via easybell from the day of porting.

Rejection of porting requests

If you follow our tips, there is usually nothing to stop you from successfully porting your phone numbers. If your previous provider still refuses the porting, the porting request can usually be improved.

You can find the most common causes and reasons, as well as tips on what you can do, under "What you can do if your porting request was rejected".

Subsequent porting

Porting is possible, when you have already had an easybell connection for a longer time (“Komplett” product or VoIP) and you want to port numbers subsequently. This is useful, when you move together with your partner or get new room mates in your shared flat. You can order the porting anytime via our customer portal.

Porting blocks of phone numbers

You can use blocks of phone numbers via our Business plans. You can port an existing block of phone numbers to easybell as well.

Checklist: Porting blocks of phone numbers

Porting of blocks is only possible in our Business plans.

  • Please enter our customer portal, where youʼll find your “telephone functions” / “manage phone numbers”. Click the “Porting” button.
  • Please enter all the required information.
  • After that, click “Send”.
  • We will send you a completed form via email.
  • Please return your signed form to easybell.
Created on: 08. November 2023