Here you will find the most common reasons for rejected portings and we provide tips on what you can do in each case.

„Anschlussinhaber falsch“

Subscriber wrong

The data you provided on the subscriber differs from the data held by the previous provider. In the case of business customer lines with a company name, abbreviations can already lead to rejection.

What can you do?

Check the subscriber data on the porting form. Ask your previous provider for the exact data. Note that the line subscriber may be different from the bill recipient.

„Rufnummer nicht geschaltet“

Phone number not active

The number / number block was not specified correctly or can no longer be ported because it was terminated too far in the past.

What can you do?

Please check your entries for transposed numbers. In the case of a call number block, the „Abfragestelle" may be missing and/or extensions may be incorrect.

„Kunde nicht identifizierbar“

Customer not identifiable

The previous provider could not identify a unique contract with the information provided. This usually has several reasons, such as:

  • Phone number incorrectly specified (transposed digits)
  • Subscriber is not correct
  • Provider incorrect (e.g. "Vodafone GmbH" instead of "Vodafone Deutschland GmbH")

What can you do?

Please check your entries in the porting form. Also take a close look at your documents and compare the information with your previous provider.

„Bitte eine VA-KUE-MRN anfragen“

Please request a VA-KUE-MRN

Your previous provider can only agree to number porting if the associated line is terminated.

What can you do?

Please start a new porting request via the customer portal and select "Please cancel the access".

If the line with the previous provider is to be retained, a number swap may have to be ordered. In this case, please contact your old provider and clarify the conditions that are necessary for a pure number porting without cancellation.

„Bitte eine VA-RRNP anfragen“

Please request a VA-RRNP

Your previous provider can only confirm the porting with a pure / subsequent porting.

What can you do?

Please start a new porting process via the customer portal and select "The contract has already been cancelled".

If you ordered the transfer of an internet connection incl. phone numbers, please reply briefly to our email. We will then coordinate the provisioning of a new Internet connection and the subsequent number porting with you.

„Frist unterschritten“

Deadline not met

The specified phone number has not been active for more than three months or the order was placed at too short notice because, for example, a contract will be terminated soon.

What can you do?

If you have commissioned us with the porting including the termination of the connection, please order a subsequent number porting one working day after the deactivation.

„Bitte bei einem anderen Anbieter anfragen“

Please enquire with another provider

The order must be addressed to another company.

What can you do?

Please reply briefly to the porting rejection email and tell us the provider from whom you receive the bill for the connection.

„Es ist bereits eine Vorabstimmung erfolgt“

A porting has already been agreed

Your previous provider already has an ongoing order for the requested numbers. A restart can be carried out after this order has been completed.

What can you do?

If you wish to make corrections to the order, such as adding another telephone number, please let us know as soon as possible. We will then forward this to your old provider.