The E.164 format offers numerous advantages, but must usually be set manually. In the case of merged accounts and extensions of number blocks, signaling is always in E.164.

Especially when setting up phone numbers in PBX systems, the conversion to E.164 is worthwhile, as it simplifies uniform routing of all calls.

More about the two modes:  Phone number formatting for incoming calls

How to change the mode for incoming calling line identification

1. Access settings for the phone number

Open the easybell customer portal and go to Phone settings → Manage phone numbers.

Expand the detailed view for the phone number you want to set up.

2. Setting calling line identification

Click on the icon with the pencil on the right side of "Incoming number signaling" to call up the corresponding settings.

3. Choose signaling mode

Now you have the choice between the two modes "E.164 format (recommended)" and "International format".

Finally, please click on "Apply" to complete the process.