You can find the parallel ringing (“Parallelruf”) in your customer portal via “Call forwarding” (“Rufweiterleitung”). To get there, please click “telephone functions” (“Telefon-Funktion”) > “Settings” (“Einstellungen”) > “Call forwarding”.

 easybell customer portal at the feature parallel ringing_screenshot

Now mark “Parallel ringing” (“Parallelruf”), enter the new number and click “Takeover” (“Übernehmen”). The function has been activated. The incoming calls will now ring on the registered devices plus on the entered number (a little delayed).

Please notice: There are two parallel destinations possible at the same time. The call to the parallel calling destination needs another line. So at all plans with two lines, the maximum number of lines is increased of four as long as the function is active. There are additional fees for the taken call to the parallel calling destination according to your plan.

At the “Komplett allnet“ plan, all parallel calls are treated like call forwardings and therefore calculated with 5 c/min. You can find a complete list of our prices here.