In some Easybell tariffs you can book flat rates for certain networks. The following tariffs are available for private use:

TariffFlat rate(s) incl.
Call flatFixed network in Germany
Call flat internationalLandline in Germany and 40 international destinations
Completely easyInternet and landline in Germany
Komplett allnetInternet, landline and mobile in Germany.

For companies, we offer the Office Komplett Cloud option. A flat rate for the German landline network is already included, and you can add an option for the German mobile network or international destinations if required.

For which phone numbers does a flat rate apply?

If you have booked a tariff with a flat rate, this applies to outgoing calls with all the phone numbers you have in this contract.

If you have several phone numbers and contracts with us and are unsure, simply log into the Easybell customer portal with the access data for the flat rate tariff. Under "Manage phone numbers" you will then see all the phone numbers for which the flat rate applies.

Tip: Even more flexibility with collective accounts

With some tariffs for companies, you can create collective accounts. This allows you to combine phone numbers from several contracts. If such a collective account is managed under a contract with a flat rate, the flat rate applies to all combined phone numbers.

Please also read "Combining phone numbers from several contracts".

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail at