Due to the technical effort we have to charge you a provision fee of 49.95 € (incl. 19 % VAT). In addition, your tariff will of course change. You can find the costs for a suitable VDSL tariff on our product pages:

In order to initiate a change in connection technologies, please first check on the product page whether VDSL is available at all at your connection address.

If you are notified that VDSL is available at your address, please contact our support via the contact form or via e-mail. Please do not forget to include your customer number.

Our support will then check the availability of VDSL at your site in detail and will order the change of connection technology if necessary. Please note that the conversion must take place at the earliest 7 working days in the future, usually longer.

Make sure that your router supports VDSL. You can find out whether your router is compatible with the technology here:

If your current router is not compatible, you can find suitable routers in the shop of your easybell customer portal, e.g. the FRITZ!Box 7590, which we offer for sale or rent in some tariffs.

Please note that your DSL access data will change if the connection is successful. It is also possible that your Internet is temporarily down.

Important: The tariff change will only take place after the changeover. As soon as the change has started, changes are only possible after the upgrade.

During the conversion to VDSL, no porting or ordering of number blocks should take place.

What you can do before the migration date and what you should do after the migration date is explained in detail in this manual.