In the event of a DSL malfunction, sending screen shots of certain router settings to our support staff, can significantly speed up the process of reconnecting you.

With a FRITZ!Box we need screenshots of the following settings (please make sure that you have activated the extended view of your FRITZ!Box):

  • System/Events (Ereignisse) > “DSL” (Internetverbindung) Tab Page

  • DSL information > “DSL” and “Statistics” (Statistik) tabs

  • Access data (Zugangsdaten) > your settings

With other routers, we need information that is as close as possible to the same. In any case you should send us a screenshot of your DSL settings.


  • Internet/DSL-Information -> Registerkarten „DSL“ und „Statistik"


Ihre DSL-Einstellungen

  • Internet/Zugangsdaten -> Ihre DSL-Einstellungen