You don't have to worry about creating the backups. The backup function works automatically and regularly saves the current configuration of the system at night.

An additional backup is created when

  • a configuration is restored or
  • a factory reset is performed.

To ensure the integrity of the backup, there must be at least five minutes between these events.

Restore configuration

1. Call up advanced settings

Please go to your easybell customer portal and open the Cloud Telefonanlage.

You will find the backup function in the "Advanced settings" under "Administration and maintenance".

2. Select time

You can select one of the last automatically created save points from the drop-down menu.

These are created according to the following logic:

  • daily at night
  • weekly on Saturday
  • every two weeks, also on Saturday
  • before the system is reset

3. Start recovery

Now click on "Restore backup" and confirm that you really want to load a backup.

After recovery

The system is restarted with the saved configuration and is ready for use again after a few seconds. Please note that audio data for announcements and on-hold music from the respective point in time are also reactivated in the system during this process.

Renew automatic configuration (ACS)

Phones that were set to automated provisioning are switched to manual configuration. You can continue to use the phones after recovery, but changes to the configuration in the Cloud Telefonanlage are no longer automatically transferred to the phone.

If you want to continue using this function, you should switch the devices in the cloud telephone system back to automatic provisioning and restart the associated phones.

Unfortunately, this step is necessary, otherwise there may be problems with the provisioning servers of the manufacturers.