The Cloud Telefonanlage

The perfect telephony solution for medical practices

A reliable telephony infrastructure is essential for physicians to stay in close contact with their patients. In medical practices, ISDN solutions were often used because a local telephone system was oversized and expensive for most practice requirements.


Due to the replacement of ISDN by Telekom in 2018, the use of virtual telephone systems is coming to the fore for telephony in doctors' surgeries. Easybell offers a hosted PBX that perfectly covers all the needs of efficient and user-friendly practice telephony: The Cloud Telefonanlage.

Advantages of the Cloud Telefonanlage

Why telephony in the cloud is the best solution for your practice

Due to their size, medical practices are often dependent on cost-intensive external service providers for the installation and maintenance of telecommunications. These maintenance costs are eliminated with the Cloud Telefonanlage.

The intuitive user interface of the Cloud Telefonanlage can be used by everyone, so that the essential functions can be used and administered without a long training phase:

Whether call transfer, call pickup or busy lamp field (depending on the device) via the telephone - call groups, working-time limit switches, detailed blocking lists via the web browser. All functions are user-friendly.


High functionality

The most important features for your practice telephony

The Cloud Telefonanlage offers important functions with which you can be reached by your patients at any time:


  • Use the answering machine with situation-dependent announcement texts, which you can set up yourself quickly and easily in the web browser. Whether you are only busy for a short time or outside office hours - the individual announcement texts tell callers directly when you can be reached again.
  • Integrate mobile phones into your infrastructure. This keeps you reachable even when you are away from the practice, e.g. on house calls.
  • You can use the TAPI function of your Windows computer with the AMI interface of the Cloud PBX. The telephony is controlled via the computer and, for example, calls are triggered via Outlook business cards. You can also connect your TAPI-enabled CRM.
  • Communication by fax is often still central, especially for doctors' surgeries, for example to obtain laboratory values. With the Fax2Mail function, the Cloud Telefonanlage forwards incoming faxes directly to the desired e-mail address, without any fluttering paper or bulky fax machine. Send the laboratory values directly to the treatment room without disturbing the patient conversation. Of course, you can also send faxes yourself via the Cloud Telefonanlage.
Created on: 08. November 2023