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Business 2

SIP trunk with 2 lines

6 months free* after that 1,95 €/month
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SIP trunk with 2 voice channels, opt. block of numbers

Make two parallel calls, ideal for up to four extensions, port or order block of phone numbers

Fair conditions plus free one-year trial period

One year without base fee,
1.67€ /month thereafter, no minimum contract period

Optional Fair Flat minute packages

A minutes package for all extensions, save up to 66 percent with our additional Fair Flat offers

Secure phone system hosted in Germany

Encrypted calls, all servers located in Germany, automatic fallback solutions

Business 2 – SIP trunking connection with two voice channels

You already have an Internet line and are looking for a reliable solution for your business telephony? Your company currently has a maximum of 8 employees? You need a 10 number block or want to bring your number block from your current provider? Then Business 2 is just right for you!

  • Business 2: SIP tunk with 2 voice channels, up to 2 calls simultaneously
  • 6 months free trial
  • using phone number blocks uncomplicated through SIP-DDI and CLIP no screening
  • compatible with numerous telephone systems, optionally with easybell Cloud Telefonanlage (Cloud PBX)
  • for beginners, freelancers or small businesses (The need always depends on your telephony volume)

2 virtual DDIs included

With virtual DDIs you can provide several extensions of your block of telephone numbers beyond your phone system

  • E.g., making calls away from the office, as a Fax2Mail phone number, as a fallback route or as a free conference room.
  • User management: Give your employees access to the settings of the virtual DDI.

    One phone number block or phone number included

    With a phone number block you get a coherent set of phone numbers for your employees and you can use all the functions of an easybell SIP trunk.

    • First number block comes without additional monthly fees
    • In Business 2, additional phone numbers or number blocks cost 0.79 €/month each
    • Provision of a new phone number block: 19.95 € one-off
    • Free porting of already existing blocks or phone numbers

    Telephone functions optimized for SIP trunks

    Our IP-based connection offers you comfortable handling comparable to an ISDN connection or a primary multiplexer. Use our simple online management for numerous additional functions.

    • Detailed blocking list and call history
    • Send SMS and faxes, voicemail function included and many more
    • All functions at a glance

    Guaranteed fraud protection included

    Our fraud protection service recognizes professional abuse early. Your maximum damage will not exceed 10 € per line for international calls.

    • We’ll guarantee this, if your telephone account is used by professional criminals and you’ve complied with your duty of care.
    • duty of care means, that you use safe passwords and you don't share them with others. You are also responsible for keeping the firmware of your voip-devices up to date.

    Reliable, top-quality phone system based in Germany

    With easybell SIP trunking, your encrypted calls will be able to get a better quality than ISDN calls. All servers are hosted in German data centers.

    • TLS, ZRTP and SRTP encryption
    • High call quality in HD or ISDN quality
    • Failover (=an automatic switch to a secondary system on failure of the primary system) for each extension via virtual DDIs

    Optional Business Fair Flats

    With our Business Fair Flats you can save up to 66 percent compared to a minute-based billing. One package applies for all extensions.

    • Cheaper than flatrates per extensions
    • With the Fair Flat 5000 or Fair Flat 10000 (bookable from 10 voice channels) you get 20 additional voice channels!
    • Fair Flat international: The minute packages not only apply throughout Germany, but also to the fixed network of 36 agreed countries.
    • All Fair Flats at a glance

    Optional: Teams Connector - low-cost telephony with Microsoft Teams

    With the Teams Connector, you can integrate your SIP trunk into Microsoft Teams and thus handle all your communications via this popular unified communication tool.

    • Use your easybell phone numbers in Microsoft Teams!
    • Automated setup, without any professional knowledge or command line.
    • Take advantage of the low easybell minute rates!
    • Only 5 €* per month to connect ten Microsoft Teams seats each.
    • Test for 30 days at no charge.

    Additional functions at a glance

    Find out which Microsoft Teams license is required.

    Optional hardware: Modern IP phone and FRITZ!Box top routers

    To use an Easybell connection, you can of course continue to use your usual devices. Or you can opt for one of our hardware offers:

    • The Snom D865 IP phone is a guarantee for telephony in top HD quality. The business phone not only cuts a fine figure visually, it also offers a whole host of other technical refinements. 
    • Do you need a new DSL router? Then we recommend the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX. You will receive it from us pre-configured, including all access data and free shipping for hire or purchase.
    • Fiber optics uses a different technology than DSL. That's why you need the right hardware. You can order the FRITZ!Box 5530 with integrated fiber optic modem from us to go with your FTTH connection. 
    Snom IP phone159 € one-off (optional power supply unit for 11 € one-off)
    FRITZ!Box 7590 AX199 € one-off or 4.95 €/month to rent
    FRITZ!Box 5530144 € one-off or 4.95 €/month to rent

    *All prices subject to statutory VAT

    Collective invoice for multiple accounts

    Put an end to confusing telephone bills and complicated accounting! With easybell, you can combine multiple locations or accounts and bill them in one collective invoice.

    • You decide which accounts are grouped together.
    • One simple invoice for all your customer numbers.
    • Only a single payment by direct debit or bank transfer.


    Basic package 
    Monthly charge for the first 6 month0 €
    Monthy charge from the 7. month 1.95 €/month
    Landline0.98 ct/min
    Mobile network9.8 ct/min
    1st (block of) telephone number(s)0 €/Monat
    Further telephone numbers0.79 €/Monat
    Fair Flat
    Fair Flat 1000
    1000 min. to German landline
    200 min. to German mobile
    9.95 €/month
    Fair Flat 3000
    3000 min. to German landline
    600 min. to German mobile phone
    29.85 €/month
    Extra options 
    Activating block of telephone numbers19.95 €/one-off
    24h service hotline2.95 €/month
    Snom IP phone D865159 €/piece
    All prices at a glance

    Business Basic
    no basic fee for first year then 1.95 €/month;
    no activation fee; two voice channels, one phone number / phone number block and two virtual DDIs included; provision of a block of phone numbers for 19.95 € one-off; 0.79 €/month from the second phone number / second block of phone numbers; 0c/min within internal network and to other easybell customers; 0.98 ct/min to German landlines; 9.8 ct/min to German mobile networks; Call by Call is not possible.

    For all Fair Flats: Minutes-based billing applies once included minutes are used up. 

    Fair Flat 1000: 9.95 €/month including 1000 minutes to German landlines and 200 minutes to German mobile networks.

    Fair Flat 3000: 29.85 €/month with 3000 minutes to German landlines and 600 minutes to German mobile networks. Minutes-based billing applies once included minutes are used up.


    The following applies to the optional Business Fair Flats international:

    Fair Flat 1000 international: 14.95 €/month with 1000 minutes to landlines in agreed countries and 200 minutes to German mobile phones included.

    Fair Flat 3000 international: 44.85 €/month with 3000 minutes to landlines in agreed countries and 600 minutes to German mobile phones included.


    Optional 24-hour premium service hotline for 2.95 €/month surcharge

    no minimum contract period; can be cancelled seven days before end of month;

    The following payment methods apply to tariffs for companies: Convenient payment by direct debit or by bank transfer after invoicing.

    our calls price list can be found here.