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VDSL connection with up to 100 Mbps

Get the fastest VDSL at your company's site with an optional static IP
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SIP trunk with 10 parallel calls included

Up to 30 (optional 50) lines, certified for 20 phone systems, encrypted calling, automatic fallback solutions
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phone numbers blocks without monthly fees

Port your already existing phone numbers
or order new ones.
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Customer friendly conditions

No minimum contract period, Fair Flat to landline and mobile networks included
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Fast internet flat rate with up to 100 Mbps

Always get the fastest available VDSL connection.

  • VDSL with up to 100 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload included
  • You will always get the fastest VDSL connection. Free upgrade from VDSL 25 or 50 to 100 Mbps in case of later availabilty
  • Optional: Prime Service including static IP for 5€/month (static IP is possible with ADSL 2+, Annex J and most VDSL connections; 24-hour fault hotline and express fault clearance are possible with all connection technologies)

If desired or if there is no VDSL available:

  • ADSL2+ Annex J with 16 Mbps download and faster upload with up to 2.8 Mbps for 5 €/month less
  • ADSL2+ with 16 Mbps download for 10 €/month less

Office Komplett Trunk – VDSL and telephony with minute packages for numerous telephone systems

You already have a telephone system and now want VDSL and a direct dial SIP trunk from a single source? Do you attach importance to low costs and fair contract conditions? You need a phone number block? Then Office Komplett Trunk is the right tariff for you!

  • Office Komplett Trunk: VDSL connection with SIP trunk
  • Dialable telephone connection with 10 to 50 lines for the use of telephone number blocks
  • Certified for numerous telephone systems
  • For companies with up to 150 employees who appreciate excellent service and fair contract terms.

Call cheaper: Fair Flat S minute package included

With Business Fair Flats you get minute packages for calls to landline and mobile networks, for all outgoing calls via this access. You can save a lot compared to the minute based billing or a flat rate per channel.

  • 1.000 free minutes to German landline and 200 free minutes to German mobile networks included
  • cheaper than a flat rate per extension
  • Larger minute packages available at an extra charge
    Fair Flat Minute packages 
    Fair Flat S
    1.000 minutes to German landline;
    200 minutes to German mobile networks
    Fair Flat M
    2.500 minutes to German landline;
    500 minutes to German mobile networks
    20,– €/month
    Fair Flat L
    5.000 minutes to German landline;
    2.000 minutes to German mobile networks;
    20 additional lines
    50,– €/month
    Fair Flat XL
    7.500 minutes to German landline;
    3.500 minutes to German mobile networks;
    20 additional lines
    90,– €/month

    Blocks of phone numbers without monthly costs*

    With a block of telephone numbers, you get phone numbers for all employees, which easily can be kept in mind. Furthermore, you can use all functions of an easybell Cloud Telefonanlage.

    • New block of 10 or 100 phone numbers: 16.80 € one-off
    • Blocks of 1000 numbers for 99€ with limited availability
    • Free porting of phone numbers or phone number blocks
    • Use more than one block of phone numbers in a telephone system

      Port your phone number without any interruptions

      Switching to easybell is very easy.:

      • We cancel your contract at your old provider and
      • We do the porting of your usual phone numbers and blocks of phone numbers.

      Optional Cloud Telefonanlage for your business

      With our hosted PBX you can use your phone system wherever you are. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage and configure the Cloud Telefonanlage. In addition to registering several trunks, it also offers

      • Cloud features like parallel ringing, PIN-saved conference rooms, blocking lists, voicemail, call forwarding, Fax2Mail and many more
      • Secure calling with TLS and SRTP
      • Our hosted solution: Every phone system has its own server (VM).
        easybell Cloud Telefonanlage* 
        Cloud Telefonanlage 10
        10 extensions and 10 devices
        9.95 €/month
        Cloud Telefonanlage 25
        25 extensions and 25 devices
        19.95 €/month
        Cloud Telefonanlage 50
        50 extensions and 50 devices
        29.95 €/month
        25 extensions and 25 devices as an additional optioneach 10 €/month

        Guaranteed fraud protection included

        Our fraud protection service recognizes professional abuse early. Your maximum damage will not exceed 10 € per line for international calls.

        • We’ll guarantee this, if your telephone account is used by professional criminals and you’ve complied with your duty of care.
        • duty of care means, that you use safe passwords and you don't share them with others. You are also responsible for keeping the firmware of your voip-devices up to date.

        Reliable, top-quality phone system based in Germany

        With easybell SIP trunking your encrypted calls will be able to get a better quality than ISDN calls. All servers are hosted in German data centers.

        • TLS, ZRTP and SRTP encryption
        • High call quality in HD or ISDN quality
        • Failover (=an automatic switch to a secondary system on failure of the primary system) for each extension via Cloud-Accounts

        Optional hardware: Modern IP phone and FRITZ!Box top router

        The Snom IP phone D785 is regarded as a guarantee for calling in top HD quality. Not only do the business phone look good, it also have a whole host of other technical refinements in store!

        • High-resolution 4.3" TFT display
        • Second monochrome display for self-labelling function keys
        • Bluetooth, USB connection for WLAN stick, two displays, designed in Germany
        • 6 function keys

        You can use your own router or get a new FRITZ!Box 7590:

        • all login information included
        • Pre-configured and free of forwarding costs
        Snom IP phone139 € one-off (optional power supply unit for 11 € one-off)
        FRITZ!Box 7590159 € one-off or 3.78 €/month

        *All prices subject to 19% VAT

        Fair contract conditions and excellent prime support

        All business clients profit from our fair contract conditions and enjoy additional benefits:

        • No contract term, can be cancelled monthly
        • Free switch of plans
        • excellent business support with trained service personnel, optional: 24/7 available, express supression within 8 hours on working days for just 5 €/monday surcharge (static IP in VDSL and Annex J included)


        Monthly charge39.95 €/month
        Activation fee49.95 € one-off
        Block of 10 or 100 phone numbers16.80 € one-off
        30 parallel calls
        (only with VDSL)
        10 €/month
        Landline flat rate0.83 c/min
        Mobile network8.24 c/min
        Business Prime Support and static IP
        (only with VDSL and Annex J)
        5 €/month

        All prices at a glance

        Compatible PBX Systems

        Compatible VoIP Gateways

        Product: Komplett Office Trunk

        Monthly charge: 39.95 €/month

        Activation fee of 49.95 €

        IP based phone connection, nomadic usable
        Call by Call and Preselection not possible

        VDSL broadband connection with up to 100 Mbps and data flat rate, depending on availability 25, 50 or 100 Mbps, in case of future vectoring expansion the speed will be raised up to 100 Mbps for free.

        SIP Trunk with 10 parallel calls incl. For 10€/month additionally more lines: 30 parallel calls in combination with Fair Flat S or M, 50 lines in combination with Fair Flat L or XL.

        If not availabe or not desired we can offer ADSL2+ Annex B for 10 €/month less or ADSL2+ Annex J for 5 €/month less.

        Contracted speed is always due to our bandwidth guarantee. Availability of product is restricted to availability of easybell DSL or VDSL.

        New 10 or 100 number block for a one-time fee of €16.80. 1000 number block on request for a one-time fee of 99 Euro for tariffs with at least 30 lines. 1000 blocks are not available in all local networks. A single telephone number is free of charge for new orders, subsequent orders cost 4 € per telephone number.

        VoIP capable devices and router compatible with the connection technology are needed.

        No minimum contract period; termination 14 days to the end of month

        Fair Flat minute packages

        0 c/min within easybell network and  to other easybell customers; 0.83 c/min to German landline; 8.24 c/min to German mobile networks;

        Optional: Fair Flat S with 1.000 min. to German landline; 200 German mobile networks, plan included.
        Fair Flat M with 2.500 min to German landline; 500 min. to German mobile network for 20 €/month
        Fair Flat L with 5.000 min. to German landline; 2.000 min. to German mobile networks for 50 €/month plus 20 additional lines included
        Fair Flat XL with 7.500 minutes to German landline; 3.500 minutes to German mobile networks for 90 €/month plus 20 additional lines included

        After using all including minutes there will be a minute based billing, with the to-the-minute charge in an increment of 60/60.


        Snom IP phone D785 optional for 139 € one-off, optional power supply for 11 € one-off

        FRITZ!Box 7590 optional 159 € one-off or for 3.78 €/month for rent

        Optional: Business Premium Support incl. static IP address (VDSL and Annex J only): 24-hour hotline for troubleshooting, preferential processing, initiation of express troubleshooting with technician deployment within 8 hours during our business hours: 5 €/month

        Optional: Business Premium Support (ADSL only): 24-hour hotline for troubleshooting, preferential processing, initiation of express troubleshooting with technician deployment within 8 hours during our business hours: 5 €/month

        No minimum contract period; termination 14 days to the end of month

         All prices at a glance


        • SIP trunking
        • VDSL 100
        • Attractive fair flats

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