Switching your provider is very simple

Switching to easybell is very easy. You just order a transfer to easybell which offers you the following advantages:

  • We terminate the contract with your old provider and take over further communication in terms of the switched connection (even if youʼve withdrawn the contract already).
  • We port your phone numbers to easybell.
  • We guarantee uninterruptible transition.

How will the connection transfer work in detail?

  • At the beginning of your order, please click “Yes” to “Have you already got a line of another provider at your address?”.
  • Now we will ask your for the name of your old provider and the portable phone numbers. Please choose your provider from the menu. You have to port at least one phone number.
  • After the order, we will send you a completed porting form. Please sign it and send it back.
  • After that, your current provider will give us the earliest possible date of notice. It depends on your remaining contract period.
  • At the day of activation, your old provider will stop the supply and we will take over the line within a few hours. In most cases, an appointment with a technician is not necessary.

Please notice

  • Itʼs better to let easybell withdraw your line. You just have to order your easybell plan in time, so we can send you the porting form, before your notice period ends. Please notice the usual notice periods of your provider. If we or your old provider havenʼt sent you your termination confirmation to the latest termination date, we recommend you to withdraw your contract on your own.
  • If you have withdrawn your contract already, you can still order a transfer at easybell. Please notice, that your signed porting form has to be sent to us within four weeks before your old provider will shutdown your line.
Created on: 08. November 2023