Producer: Eltek
Name:  V7621 A2
Firmware: V7621-A2_v1.1.29_EAS107

Capable with the following easybell connections:

  • easybell Komplett (ADSL, VDSL, FTTH)
  • easybell Call (Private customer telephony)

Connecting the telephone

  • Connecting the phone with the Port “Phone 1” or “Phone 2” via an RJ11 cable or the included RJ11 TAE adapter
  • If you have got a pre-configured router from easybell, the port 1 is already pre-configured for your main phone number. You do not need to do anything else. 

Sign into the web interface of your router

  • Connect your router via ethernet cable or WiFi (SSID: easybell; password at the back of your device).
  • Enter the IP address of the router (Standard: into the address bar of your browser.
  • Use the following login information::
    • user name: user
    • password: user

  • We recommend you create your own password after the first registration (via “Admin”/“Password”).

Setting up VoIP telephony

  • Please notice before setting up, that your router has already been connected to the internet. 
  • Please click “VoIP” and now “Port 1“ or “Port 2”, depending on which port you took for the telephone.

  • Now please enter the following parameter to Proxy 0 (or with Port 2: Proxy 1): 
    • Number: Your phone number in the international format (like 00493012345678)
    • Login ID: Your phone number in the international format 
    • Password: Your SIP password. You can find your phone numbers under settings in the customer portal.
    • All the other settings for Proxy are already configured for easybell. Please double-check them with the screenshot below. 
  • SIP-Advanced:
    • SIP-Port 5060 is normally the right one. If you’ve got any problem with the connection or want to use the port 5060 for another client, please choose the alternative SIP-Port 5064.
  • Codec:
    • Choose at “Payload Type” the “101”.
    • Choose “G711-alaw” as the first codec. 2nd: “G722”, 3rd: “G711-ulaw”, 4th: “G729” or deactivate it.
  • QoS:
    • Please deactivate “T.38”. This fax protocol is not supported by other big providers anymore. So your faxes are transferred reliably when “T.38” is off.  
  • Now click “Apply”.