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How can I set up the address of welcome on my voicemail?

In the following instructions we will show you how to set up your greeting on the voicemail.

However, if you would like to set up your voice mail step-by-step, please follow this link to our detailed instructions.


To leave a welcoming message on your voicemail, please follow the steps explained here:

1. please log in to the easybell customer portal first
2. then click on Manage numbers.
3. here you have the possibility to set up your voice mail greetings by clicking on the gear wheel next to the option voice mail messages.

Anrufbeantwortereinstellungen Konfigurieren 1

4. In the "Your announcements" overview that now opens, you can either select a standard announcement or add your own announcement.

Selecting a standard greeting

In this overview you can now choose between the "Standard Voicemail Ansage" and the "Standard -nicht erreichbar- Ansage". Every phone number has these two standard greetings to choose from:
a) "Standard Voicemail Ansage": Here your phone number is announced and the caller can leave a message. You can change the notification mode here. (explanation follows)
b) "Standard -nicht erreichbar- Ansage": Here your telephone number is also announced, but the caller has no possibility to leave a message. You can also change the notification mode here. (This is explained using the example "Standard Voicemail Ansage")
Click on the gear next to each selection to set it up.

Our example: You have selected the "Standard Voicemail Ansage". Here you can now decide individually whether the caller has the option to leave a message and when you would like to be informed about it via which communication channel:

When you have made all settings, click Apply. You will be taken back to the previous settings. Click Apply here as well.

Using individual greetings

To use your own greeting, click on Add message instead of the standard greetings:

A new window opens. Here you can now give the greeting a name. Please note that the umlauts ä, ü and ö as well as the ß are not allowed.

Either select a previously recorded greeting (1) or record an announcement directly (2) (see screenshot).

Here you can also now individually select whether the caller has the possibility to leave a message and if so, how and when you would like to be notified.If you are satisfied with your settings, please click on Apply. You will now be taken back to the previous overview.

Please click Apply to complete the entire process. Your new greeting is now saved.

Of course, you can repeat this process at any time to change your greeting.