Important notice: This feature is available for Business plans only. 


  • Log in with your personal login data to easybell customer portal. 
  • Click “telephone functions / manage phone numbers” (“Telefon-Funktionen/Rufnummern verwalten”) 
  • Click the cog symbol beneath “call forwarding” (“Rufweiterleitung”) of the relevant local phone numbers.


  • Click “Extended view” (“erweiterte Ansicht”).

  • Click “Ok” for confirmation. Please notice that all of the previous settings will get lost by the change of view.

Create a profile

  • Click “New profile” (“Neues Profil”).


  • After that, please state what’s next:

Screenshot Example - course of action:

  • Enter the name of the call forwarding first. 
  • State, how and when the call shall be forwarded.
  • Confirm with “Profil” (“Profil speichern”).

At the example “screenshot“ happens: 

  • First, it will ring at you SIP devices for 20 seconds.
  • After that, the call will be forwarded to your mobile for 15 seconds. 
  • At least, the answering machine starts. 

Notice: To set up further steps, please click “Further steps” (“Weitere Schritte”) down on the left.

Temporal attribution

  • Now you can decide at which time the phone shall act like the given settings. 
  • State the desired time and confirm with “Save” (“Speichern”).

  • Now the profile is listed in “existing profiles“ (“bestehende Profile”).

  • From the list, you can edit existing profiles or state them to further times. To delete single attributions, please switch to “list view” (”Listenansicht”).