RTP stands for Real-Time Transport Protocol. In VoIP telephony it is used, for transmiting audio signals e.g. the spoken word. Based on this, the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) additionally encrypts these data streams.

easybell supports SRTP according to RFC 3711.

You can transmit the RTP communication on the route between your terminal device and our servers using SRTP. This means for you that your calls with other easybell customers are encrypted - provided that all participating terminals are correctly configured and support encryption.

If you use our cloud telephone system, you can even have terminals from Snom, Htek and Yealink automatically configured for encrypted telephony via ACS. The necessary settings for manual setup can also be found in our VoIP expert settings.

However, calls that are routed beyond our network boundaries are only accepted unencrypted by the other network operator.