A forced disconnection used to be performed every 24 hours for technical reasons. This allowed connections that had not been terminated correctly to be interrupted and the IP address to be released again. At the same time, the usage data was written to so-called CDR (Customer Data Record). It was not possible to prevent the forced disconnection.

In fact, however, this procedure dates back to a time when users did not have a flat rate and paid for their DSL connection based on usage. Since flat rates have been the rule for a long time, we have meanwhile deactivated forced disconnection. 

In FRITZ!Boxes and other routers, however, the basic configuration still assumes that forced disconnection takes place. The devices therefore disconnect once at night to proactively anticipate forced disconnection.

How to deactivate the automatic disconnection on a FRITZ!Box-Router

  1. Call up the user interface of the FRITZ!Box by entering fritz.box in the address line of your browser.
  2. Enter your device password if necessary
  3. Use the menu to switch to the entry Internet → Access data
  4. Further down, expand the menu item "Change connection settings"
  5. Remove the checkmark from "Move forced disconnection by provider to the time between"
  6. Click "Apply"

From now on, the DSL connection will be permanently online.