Private customers can order a low-cost telephone or complete connection tailored to their needs from easybell.

The rates for residential customers at a glance:


VoIP phone lineComplete connection incl. DSLOnline fax connection
Call basic
Call easy
Call flat
Call flat international
Komplett easy
Komplett allnet
Fax Online

However, these rates may not be used for commercial purposes. Customers consent to this agreement with our terms and conditions (pt. 4.4). In the event of non-compliance, easybell reserves the right to take measures to prevent commercial use.

Switch easily

If you want to use a private easybell connection for commercial purposes, you can simply switch to a suitable business tariff. The switch is free of charge, without interruption, and on top of that you get access to numerous options specifically for the business world:

  • Blocks of phone numbers with no monthly fees.
  • A fixed IP address to make your server more accessible on the Internet.
  • Premium service with 24h hotline and right to express repair.
  • The easybell Cloud Telefonanlage - easy to use and with many professional features.
We offer the following rates to business customers:                                                                                            

If you are interested in switching, simply contact our Customer Service, who will take all the necessary steps for you.

Fax online for all business customers

We do not offer a version of our Fax Online rate for business use. This is because all business tariffs already include an online fax function free of charge. Business customers can turn any of their phone numbers into a fax line with just a few clicks.