Business connections from easybell provide you with numerous functions at no additional cost. Time-controlled call forwarding, personalized voicemail, block lists, fax and SMS online function, the VoIP to go app and much more can be used from the customer portal.

Via OfficeDesks, these functions can be used with one phone number without having access to sensitive data or other phone numbers. We explain how to use OfficeDesks.

If you use the easybell Cloud Telefonanlage, you will benefit from extended rights management. In this case, please open the overview of your Cloud Telefonanlage and go to the OfficeDesks section.


1. Determine SIP access data

Each phone number has its own OfficeDesk. To access it, you need the corresponding SIP access data.

If you do not have them, you can find them under "Manage numbers" in your customer portal.

2. OfficeDesk access

To call up an OfficeDesk, you simply need to enter the SIP access data of the phone number on the login screen of the customer portal instead of the normal access data.

3. Using an OfficeDesk

Employees can now send faxes for the phone number of their OfficeDesk:

  • Send faxes online
  • Send SMS online
  • Customize the caller ID
  • Set up call forwarding
  • Set up the voice mailbox

It is not possible to view bills or make settings for other connections.

OfficeDesks for blocks of phone numbers

If you have a phone number with a block of DDIs, you can outsource virtual DDIs without using a PBX. This allows each employee to have their own phone number and office desk. Note, however, that a virtual DDI is no longer signaled via the original phone number block!

Notes on the accessibility of virtual direct dial numbers.