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Moving with a VoIP phone line

In this article, we will tell you what to look out for if you want to move and keep your easybell Voice over IP connection.

Important: If you have a complete connection with Internet and telephone, please read our article "Moving with an Internet connection"!

In Germany, the allocation of phone numbers is strictly regulated. You are only an "entitled subscriber" to a phone number if you have a residential or business address in the corresponding area code.

If you move and want to take your VoIP connection or phone numbers with you, it is therefore crucial to ask in which area code and in which postal code area the new address is located.

Three possibilities:

The new address has the same postal code

If the old and new addresses have the same postal code, you can easily change the address yourself.

You can find the settings in the customer portal under My dataPersonal information. If you click on the cogwheel symbol on the right under "Connection address", you can adjust the street and house number.

The new address is only in the same area code

Especially in large cities, it can happen that two addresses are in the same area code, but do not have the same postal code.

For regulatory reasons, you cannot adjust the postal code yourself. In this case, please notify us of the new address by email and include appropriate proof.

The following documents are valid proofs:
Registration certificate, ID card, lease agreement, electricity or telephone bill. Business customers can also send a business registration.

The new address is not in the same area code

Although it is technically possible to use a VoIP connection outside the area code with Voice over IP, in Germany you are only allowed to use local numbers in whose area code you have a residential or business address.

If you change the area code in the course of a move, you are therefore obligated to notify easybell of this and terminate the contract.

We cannot recommend that you permanently use a local number outside of the area code area, even beyond the legal regulations, since emergency calls to 110 or 112, for example, are always automatically routed to the emergency call center of the respective area code. In emergencies, therefore, complications can arise that can make the difference between life and death.

At the future address, you will then have to order a new connection in order to receive phone numbers of the corresponding area code. We will of course be pleased if you decide to use an easybell connection again at the new address.