You can return your rented router to easybell for free after the expiration of the contract or in the case of a necessary and agreed repair.

Please notice the following steps for a back of easybell’s hardware:

  1. Write an email at
    Please tell us the following data:
    • your customer number
    • reason for returning (e.g. expiration of the contract)
    • name und family name
    • street and number
    • postal code and city
  2. After we fully processed your email, you will get a return label directly from Deutsche Post/DHL via email.
  3. Print the label and stick it on the package. (Attention: Do not stick on the original package, please use the secondary packaging!)
  4. Please hand the package in at DHL packing station, at a parcel service or a Deutsche Post/DHL store close to you.

Please do not return the router to easybell without being asked, even if you suppose a defect. Contact the support team first. In most of the cases, the connection problem can be solved without returning the device.