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How can I change my tariff or product?

Requirements concerning a telephone connection can change. To ensure that you always have the tariff that suits your needs, we would like to explain how you can switch and what you need to bear in mind.

Switching conditions at a glance

Call rates - VoIP for private customers

For a tariff change we charge a handling fee of 25 Euro. Exceptions are changes from Call basic to a higher tariff, for which we charge a reduced fee of 10 Euro. Remaining credit will of course be taken over in case of a change.

Complete connections

A tariff change is possible at any time at the end of the month. If you change to another tariff, you have to pay a handling fee of 25 €.

Change from ADSL to VDSL

A change from ADSL2+ to VDSL is possible. Due to the technical effort we have to charge you a provision fee of 49,95 €.

Change from Business Tariff to Business Tariff

A change within the business tariffs is generally free of charge. Please note that for regulatory and technical reasons it is not always possible to reduce the number of lines and virtual DDIs. For example: In the case of a downgrade, the number of virtual DDIs is reduced, e.g. from 10 to 2 when switching from easy to basic. Our recommendation: If you want to switch to a "lower" tariff, first delete the virtual DDIs that you no longer need. Otherwise, all virtual DDIs except the first two will be deleted when you change tariffs.

Change from call to complete tariffs

If you want to change from a call tariff to a full tariff, you must first order a full connection from us and send us an e-mail with your new and old customer number. We will then port your existing VoIP numbers to your full connection free of charge.

Request a tariff change

Change your own tariff quickly and easily in the easybell customer portal.

  1. After logging in, click on “Switch of plan”.
  2. Select the tariff or product to which you want to switch and click “Choose”.



 3. You can then enter your desired date for the bill of exchange. Now click on “Buy now”.



4. Finally, the confirmation of the order for the tariff or product change is displayed.


Note: Please understand that we can only change products at the beginning of the month.