Not every change is the same. For technical reasons, we distinguish between tariff switches, technology switches and product switches. Depending on this, the process is different. We will go into the differences below.

In addition, different conditions apply to home and business customers. The latter can make most changes free of charge, but for our products for home use we usually charge a small handling fee.

You can find the fees that may apply in our price lists for home and for businesses.

Switch plan

We speak of a plan switch if the technology (e.g. VoIP, ADSL, VDSL) does not change as a result of the switch.

How to switch

Switch technology

If the internet connection is too slow, switching from ADSL to modern VDSL usually helps.

How to switch

Switch product

For example switching a VoIP telephone connection to a "Komplett" plan is a change of product.

How to switch

How to switch your product

Change your plan quick and easy in the easybell customer portal.

1. Select future plan

To do this, please open your customer portal and go to "My data → Switch plan".

Select the plan to which you want to switch. If the desired plan or product is not available, please contact our customer service.

2. Confirm the switch

In the next window, the new plan's conditions are displayed, along with the costs for the switching. You can also specify your preferred month for the change.

Then please click on "Order".

How to change technology

A technology switch (e.g. from ADSL with up to 16 MBit/s to VDSL with up to 250 MBit/s download) usually has to be commissioned with the respective network operator.

In this case, please contact our customer service. We will then individually check the available connection technologies at your location and activate the corresponding switch options in your customer portal.

How to switch your product

To switch from a VoIP product to one with Internet and telephone combined, please first order a "Komplett" connection. As soon as the connection has been successfully activated, you can transfer your telephone number(s) by following the steps below.

1. Open customer portal

Call up the customer portal of the old account and go to "My data → My product" and click on "Port phone numbers".

2. Select internal porting

Please confirm the information on number porting and click on "Internal porting" in the next screen.

3. Fill in porting data

In the menu "Internal porting" you can select which numbers you want to transfer to your new connection and when.

Please enter its customer number and the corresponding password before confirming the order.

You can then cancel the old connection in the customer portal at the next possible or desired time.