If you aren't able to make an internet connection and suspect a faulty router, try troubleshooting the following steps.

  1. Briefly disconnect the power supply of your router. Much like a computer, restarting a router will often resolve the crashing issues that can be experienced from time to time                                  
  2. If you use Wi-Fi, try connecting to the router using an ethernet cable. Wi-Fi signals can sometimes be disrupted by things such as new Wi-Fi signals in your neighbourhood or by accidentally deactivating buttons on the router itself. By using the cable, you can bypass some of these issues.
  3. Check the power and phone line cables of your router. General wear and tear, unplugged or even damaged cables can cripple your internet connection. If possible, replace any cables that may need replacing.
  4. Check the connection using another router. If the connection returns with a different router, it could be that your router is wrongly configured or damaged.                                                                
  5. Check the configuration of your router. You will find helpful guides on how to configure your router in our help centre.
    You can find a suitable guide in our help centre.
  6. Reset to factory settings. By performing a factory reset, the router will return to its 'out of box' state and can often resolve connection issues. You will find helpful guides on how to reset a Fritz!box again in our help centre.
  7. Please conntact our support team for help via en.support@easybell.de.
    Our support team can check if something is disrupting your DSL connection and if they can fix it. Find more information here.
  8. Contact the manufacturer or retailer your router. They may be able to provide you with additional information on how to restore your connection.
  9. Return your router to easybell. If you have purchased or rented one of our routers within the past two years, you can return it. You will find more information here.