The following guide is made with a Speedport W701V. The user interface of the different Speedports have similar designs, so this one should work for all types.

This is a guide for the DSL configuration. You can find a guide for the configuration of the telephone here. (German)

The process is based on a delivery-stated device. We recommend you reset the device before you start the configuration. 

The Speedports only work with our ADSL2+ connections. For VDSL connections we can only give support for VDSL compatible FRITZ!Boxes.

  • Connect the Speedport with the plug socket. Connect the router with a suitable cable with the phone socket. (You don’t need a splitter to use our “Komplett” connections, just put the TAE plug into the middle of your phone sucket. Please put the other side of the cable in the “T-DSL” port of your Speedport.)
  • Connect your computer via LAN or wifi with the router.
  • Open the configuration interface of your router by entering to the addressbar of your browser.

  • Click “Konfiguration starten”. (Start configuration)

  • Enter the password of the device. (in state of delivery it's 0000). Click “OK”.

  • Click “Netzwerk” (network) on the left.

  • Click “Internetzugang” (Internet access) in the middle.

  • Enter the following information:
    Provider-Auswahl (Choice of provider): Anderer Provider (Other provider) now appears a new window, please click “OK”.)
    Benutzername (user name): You’ve received your DSL user name via email, but you can also call us via out hotline and ask for it. It looks a bit like this:
    Passwort (password): You’ve received your DSL password in the same email, but you can also find it in the customer portal

    Primärer und sekundärer DNS-Server (Primary and secondary DNS server): You don’t need to fill anything in here.

    Please mark "Immer online" (always online)
    Zwangstrennung (Preemption): Choose a time when you’re not or rarely using the internet (e.g. at night).
  • Confirm it with “Speichern” (Save).
  • After that you can set up the phone numbers. You can find a guide here.(German)